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My account was removed completely because I expressed an opinion about dog *** on my lawn, lawnmower wheels, bicycle tires from dog walkers who lack respect for their neighbors and don't pick up after their pets. I said I would tear someone a new *** if I saw it happening.

This is a verbal, figure of speech not a physical threat. This Next Door group should be held accountable for discrimination, loss of safety, loss of revenue, loss of connection and communication with my community. I feel a class action lawsuit is in order for all the people that have been wrongly accused, wrongly thrown off the site, and wrongly discriminated against. We the People should not stand for this kind of misuse of power.

It's only an application for connecting neighbors.

Nothing more! They have no right to play judge, jury and executioner and they need to be held accountable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextdoor Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Class Action Lawsuit.

Nextdoor Pros: I could stay in touch with neighbors, Making new friends, I could sell items, I received urgent messages of missing children or gun fire.

Nextdoor Cons: No customer service contacts, Lack of investigation, Used by a board members wife to eliminate criticism, Accounts deleted with discussion, Discrimination.

  • Local Moderators Discriminate
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My account was removed today because I disagreed with a lead who Is also in the HOA in bel air hills. Her name is Kate Nelson and I believe she flagged my account then got the other HOA members involved ( Patricia Templeton and Bruce Hofert).

I was disagreeing with them! I was worried about privacy issues!

Next door is a place of cyber bullying, and verbal abuse and censorship! Don’t join next door and don’t ever join bel air hills HOA in CA


Same thing happened to me. Nextdoor is little more than a forum that promotes criminality and discriminates against citizens who report a crime.

It's repugnant. The people who run the forum actively promote and protect criminals. I reported a crime that no less than 5 other confirmed same or similar with the people I reported. My account was deactivated.

Every attempt to contact ND has led to bullying harassment and mockery. It is a haven for criminals.

The leads are INEPT as is customer support. The discrimination is rampant and they advocate for the criminal contingent.


True story. Criminally ignorant and harassing towards the neighbors who report verifiable crimes.


Nextdoor has become a propaganda site for left wing only. My account was suspended twice, my wife's today for standing up to left wing bullies. Nsxtdoor sucks and I wish I could sue them for violating my 1st ammendment rights!!




I was removed because I let my neighbors know about Next Door Policy. The do not let local businesses advertise.

They however let big box stores with 15k or more invested in advertising on Next Door the feed. I even had a lead thank me fir my respectful statement.

He agreed. They are nothing more than a sellout and built on censorship.


I was kicked out of next door as well. All I did is post an ad to sell firewood and an ad for stump grinding. I received no warning or any kind of explanation.


My account was removed for commenting on a post about people throwing out their dog *** in other people's freshly emptied garbage cans. No personal attacks.

Not directed at anyone specific. Not threatening anything. Same old story: instead of correcting your own *** up behavior, project it onto someone else. Social media placates to the biggest victim.

It's repulsive. No warning, no nothing. Just account removed.

End of story. It's good news for idiots, abusers, and *** of all kinds: we're quickly approaching a time when you can behave like the pieces of *** you are and anyone who says anything about it will be locked up.


It’s their website and as such they can boot you for whatever reason they like. If you don’t like it go start your own website with your own rules in place.

But ask yourself a honest question. How long until YOU have to boot/ban someone and how do you think THEY are going to feel? Each and every person clicks that AGREE button without reading it first.

It’s only when you feel you have been unfairly judged you read it. When you read it you can plainly see that every end user agreement covers the *** and interests of the website/service involved.


ND actively advocates towards the criminals. They discriminate and harass decent Citizens who report crimes.


I think the time has come for legal action. Looking at the User Agreement, although I am not an attorney, I think it’s fair to say no one agreed to treatment that is so uneven, so arbitrary and so unreasonable as to be unpredictable.

A valid contract requires that all parties agree on terms. I doubt anyone had any inkling the terms were not as stated, but as they’ve been practiced. Furthermore, there is the issue of the mental and emotional trauma of being accused of doing something that you either didn’t do at all or had no idea was deemed wrongful. For example, I got dinged because the occasional, individual word was in caps for emphasis.

This wasn’t all words in sentences or every other word or anything remotely close. This is acceptable all over the Internet except NextDoor. But NextDoor was extremely unclear about this, not to mention that banning caps discriminates against people who have sight disabilities. What does being banned do to one’s reputation, particularly since these really are people in your area?I could go on, but the gist is that NextDoor needs to be held accountable.

To get any attorney interested, a case would have to be worth their time. Options include class action, yes.

However, consolidating individual lawsuits may also be an option and one that may better address individual circumstances a class action will not. I think it is worth discussing.I repeat: I am not an attorney; I do not work for an attorney; I was a NextDoor user and am not content to stand by and be wronged.


I would very much like to communicate with you regarding possible legal action against Nextdoor. My experience has been very similar in its arbitrariness and favoritism.

It is impossible to predict what penalties any comment disliked by either one person or a group who shares one opinion will generate. The rules are bizarre, to say the least; against the norms of human interaction; against the norms of Internet communication; vague, and; enforcement is arbitrary and capricious with there is no oversight and no opportunity for defense if accused of breaking any rule, no matter how bizarre, thereby resulting in a damage to users’ reputations. Although the company says its Leads (aka “moderators”) are not company employees, they behave as agents of the company.

I am in the process of gathering stories of users who have experienced the same types of unfair treatment.

I agree that a class action may be warranted even though the User Agreement attempts to prevent class actions.

If there are enough similar stories, I believe they may gain the interest of a class action attorney. If not, then perhaps several individual lawsuits will provide a remedy.


Agree, it feels like if you say anything that is criticle, even if you're right and not out of line, they use it against you.


So who do we contact? I think it's time to make this stop.

There are stories upon stories of the same complaints. I got banned because I was being harassed and I begged the leads for help and nothing happened. So I finally said please leave me alone several times to the person and he complained about me. So I got booted for asking to be left alone over and over by this one person.

They do nothing. I even had all the threads so you could see I wasn't the problem and still nothing.


This is just a thought, but if we can collect credible stories of people who’ve been mistreated by NextDoor, the next step would be to find an attorney. However, I think it may take a number (ie.

more than just the couple of us) of people to get a firm interested. I’m open if anyone else has thoughts.


There’s one more thing I forgot to say. We need to take this off this site and out of public view.

I use this same handle on Twitter. I also have a Gmail account set up specifically to discuss what to do about NextDoor.

The username for the Gmail account is JustSayNoToND. Let’s discuss.


That's ridiculous. The email provided is a genuine provider and does not allow users to send out spam.

Nowadays, it's easy for us to block an email sender.

Plus most email providers will detect and block spammers. Sounds like you are working for the company trying to protect the institution.


I love how folks come on this page with email addresses, Twitter accounts etc. that claim to be to get a "class action" suit going.

Most of these are a way to fools to give up personal information that can later be used to market to them. Get enough email addresses, and bang, there you go an ad group you can market whatever these sheep are whining about. It's always a Gmail or some other FREE email service.

Rarely if ever do you see and email address to a real domain that only costs a few bucks to set up. Why is that?


They advocate toward the criminal as they did in our case. Reported a crime 5 people confirmed, we got deactivated criminals still on ND.