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I joined Nextdoor very early on at the urging of a local realtor. At the time, there was no official neighborhood set up for where I live, so I set it up. Now mind you, I live in a very, very small neighborhood in the Los Angeles "valley," about 24,000 people. It's maybe 4 or 5 square miles. After getting it all set up, I printed out door hangers and walked them around to hundreds of houses, sent postcards and talked it up to everyone I saw. People still didn't know what it was and really weren't joining very fast. I served as the only "lead" for a couple of years as no one else seemed to want to do it.

Then out of the blue, Nextdoor took over the neighborhood, and divided it up into 11 even smaller areas. Way to go, nothing like segregating an already small area. For awhile I was still the lead for all the neighborhoods, simply because no one else was doing it. Then slowly they started getting some other volunteers.

As the membership started to grow, more and more overly sensitive or hateful people started to join, along with some nice ones. But no one was allowed to have real opinions anymore. People started using the "report a post" option like a dislike button. If you said something they didn't like,'s reported. Then cliquish gangs of neighbors (with similar morals) started ganging up on others, including me, and they actually succeeded in getting me banned from the website.

After all the work I put in, they banned me! I had literally hundreds of people I had referred to join on my account....and it was all down the drain.

So awhile back I just started logging in on my partner's account and as of 3 days ago, they banned his account as well.

I can't tell you how many private emails I've gotten from people telling me how much they miss my presence there and how awful the website has become. We recently started a neighborhood choir and one night was mentioned and everyone just groaned. I was really glad to find this website and see that I'm not the only one who has been treated poorly by that website.

Now it's just a place where people can talk about lost dogs and cats and post things for sale. If you talk about anything important, it devolves into a hate match. And heaven forbid you mention anything political. People don't want to be bothered by anything as important as politics when they could be stroking each other over being upset about leaf blowers.

Oh, and I also got verification from the website management, that they retain the right to read everyone's private messages there.

Reason of review: They ban people at will and eavesdrop on private messages..

Preferred solution: They need to learn about the 1st amendment and free speech and stop banning people just because certain neighbors complain..

Nextdoor Cons: That you dont understand 1st amendment.

  • 1St Amendment Non-Comprehension
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Eric A

No, you're purposely choosing to distort my words. I never said I built their platform.

I built MY neighborhood on their platform when they were having trouble getting anyone to sign up. If you think I'm alone, take a look at the 825 1-star reviews of Nextdoor here:

@Eric A

Reading isn't your thing is it old lady? If you don't like how ND or any other PLATFORMworks, build your own.

Posting on SJ's PLATFORM is akin to being a digital sharecropper working one someone else's plantation. You may post your amusing but banal rants and observations but it's their PLATFORM that's making the money. At the end of the day, are you making money doing this?

If not, please tell me there's more going on in your lame(chuckle) life than getting some likes on someone else's PLATFORM? Probably not...


LOL... You get the award for the funniest post of the day.

You're mad because they want enforce standards on THEIR platform that for some reason you think you built.

Perhaps all people want to talk about is lost kittens and puppies. How about you build YOUR OWN platform to discuss politics(AKA:spout your personal views in hopes of cheesing someone off).

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