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I expressed an opinion about a dog that got hit, and asked why it was out?? I got two replies saying I should shut up, and another calling me a weirdo.

These should not be allowed! I am a member of Nextdoor, San Leon Neighborhood that includes many subdivisions. These people should not be able to call others names and be belierient. Thanks, they should be may aware that this is a neighborhood service and all opinions are welcome, whether they agree with them or not.

Thanks again, not sure what else to say not much more in details, today is sunday 9:38 PM, discussion started about 30 minutes ago. Can't really add to much more than this, sorry

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As I replied to another viewer, is just another place for ex-high schoolers to hang out. You can be a dowager of 76 or a know-it-all SJW -- it doesn't matter. It's all high school BS and it never stops.

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