Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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When I first was told of the site I signed up and it was easy to do and I read all the statements being made by my neighbors. Then suddenly I cannot access the site anymore and yet continue to get notices in my e-mail box telling me what is going on but if I click on a post it comes up as the site cannot be reached and am I sure I have the right address.

Of course I do .

I have tried several times to get back on and cannot do so , and have contacted them and told them this and nothing is being done. So what is the purpose of the site if you cannot use it from a desk top computer.

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They'll do that. They banned me without notice and I can't get back on, not that I want to anymore, but it did serve a useful purpose I was only starting to avail.

They don't get that.

They apparently only care about whatever it is they care about, which I can't figure out yet. Somebody will uncover it and I'm sure it will be bad.


I am having the same issues. I recently moved to a new state & new neighborhood and cannot get off of my old neighborhood.

I've sent several emails (through the "help" button on the site) and have had no responses. WTF?

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