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My account was blocked without warning. Nextdoor violated its own guidelines by just turning the account off.

No notice, no explanation, nothing. What sort of company violates their own policies. When I finally figured out and asked why it was terminated, I was given the reason that I had violated guidelines. I have no idea which guidelines as all a was given was a sample of a post from three weeks prior where a woman pm'd me foul, rotten, rude comments and I posted her pm to me then suggested we get back to the topic on hand.

I was blocked for her rude, nasty comments? Oh, and if I agree to follow their Nextdoor guidelines then I might be reinstated.........Ironically many of the friends I have that use next door were also blocked. All of us belong to a new conservative neighborhood group that we recently formed on Nextdoor.

Suspicious much? Nextdoor is unprofessional and I can live without them and their biases.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Nextdoor Cons: Way they handle political issues.

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Agree totally.


Nextdoor is comprised of liberal leftists exhibiting little or no mental powers. Anyone getting off of Nextdoor will discover they have more time to do productive things. I could never encourage an intellectual discussion on Nextdoor … a true bunch of non-critical thinkers.


I had the same problem. A group of neighbors got together to discuss me and how to destroy a local business that has the same last name as me, they talked about if we were related and if we were they would boycott the business.

They went as far as to go ask the business owner. All because I have conservative views. The irony is he said we weren't related but he is actually my second cousin and I've never met him. There are pictures of my dad on his walls in his pizza shop.

I was also called racist and asked for proof and told them I'd let my biracial granddaughter know the the person said I hated her. Them doing this wasn't "uncivil" but me asking them why they did and for explainations was uncivil and against there guidelines.


The violation was posting her PM and it’s foul contents. You should have forwarded that PM to the site admins so they could handle the situation.

You instead by your own admission willingly chose to post derogatory comments, even though they were not made by you, there were still posted BY YOU. See the mistake yet?

It literally has nothing to do with your political persuasions be they conservatives or extreme. Nice try though.

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