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Not only did I have to pay for my return.... but I never received my refund.

Did a little digging. Address that laptop was sent back to a building totaling 3 tenants. 1 of 3 looks legit; the other two - do not. So I contacted via phone - the most legit of the 3 and left them a message for the owner or manager to call me back, absolutely no rush, whenever it was convenient.

This company is a deeply spawned fabricated lie. I don't claim to be something I'm not. Company has been in business for 8 years>? But everything that would support that references 2019.

10 to 1 more effort is obviously being put into making the company look successful, honest, and reputable online; than actually working towards representing somewhat of even the most vague definition and description they award themselves with. This fly by night online seller would not survive in daylight. It is employed with fake profiles and people at non-existent email accounts.

Keyboard warrior took a business class. I don't foresee good things for them in the future.

User's recommendation: Dear God don't....

Location: Aubrey, Texas

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