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I have been a Nationstar Mortgage client for several years. I went online to make my mortgage payment today, as I have done for the past few years, and they are asking for my full Social Security number?

Has their site been hacked? Why are they asking for my 9 digit SS#, before they will let me in to make my Jan 2017 mortgage payment? It first just asks for the last 4 of my SS#, but when I enter the last 4, it then asks for all 9 digets of my SS# ...

Since they obviously already have my SS#, why do they want me to re-enter it? Are they afraid that someone else might make my mortgage payment for me???

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationstar Mortgage Customer Care.

Reason of review: They want my full SS#.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Not give out my entire ss number will give nationstar my last 4.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1263550

Same here I refuse to put my entire number in online. This is ridiculous.

I tried calling and paying on the phone it charges $14 fee again I refuse. Absolutely pissed at Nationstar

Miami, Florida, United States #1263450

I have the same issue today and I was really annoyed by it that I called them. I refused to give it to them again over the phone either. I wonder if they lost the encrypted key of the first 5 digits and that is why they are requesting it again

to Anonymous #1263451

I'm having the same problem. We're always told to never enter out SS# on line. Why now?

Olathe, Kansas, United States #1263130

I'm also a Nationstar customer and found this question by googling the same problem. I called customer service and they say it's legitimate and there is no way to bypass it and still access your account online. I'm not happy with that answer but I guess there's no choice.

to Anonymous Brooklyn, New York, United States #1267024

So did you answer the questions and entered the website ?

to Anonymous Olathe, Kansas, United States #1268347

Yeah, I gave up and entered all 9 digits. Only after talking to two reps on phone and facebook messaging their website.

Bohemia, New York, United States #1263098

I agree. I do not put forth my full SS to any entity via website. How freaking incompetent of Nationstar to ask for this.

Clarksville, Arkansas, United States #1262985

Payment is due the 1st. I have asked Nationstar customer service to tell me why they are asking for my SS# now, online? Today is Dec 30th and No response from Nationstar ...

Cannon Falls, Minnesota, United States #1262978

I had the same problem. Worried their site has been hacked.

I'm going to wait and see if it's fixed by Monday.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1262671

This is beyond annoying. How is this security?

to Anonymous Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States #1262969

Same here. I wonder if this a ploy to get us to pay via phone which come with a fee...

to Anonymous Ladera Ranch, California, United States #1263676

Thinking the same thing. Absolutely ridiculous.

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