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Don't try to get a driving job at J. Polep in Chicopee MA.

They will *** you! I applied to a delivery driver job through Indeed for a *delivery driver* Truck driving job there. But..The hiring manager told me I had to do a stint as a yard jockey before I could do the delivery driver job. I wanted nothing to do with being a yard jockey!

I decided I would try it for a while to get my foot in the door. Well first of all the hours were horrible 3pm to 4am or longer. I had never approached a yard jocky job before and had no desire to be a yard jockey in any way! The two guys that were "supposed to" *train me* did nothing that they were supposed to at all!

The head guy was supposed to *teach me* how the paperwork is used, nope! Just pretty much left me hanging not knowing what to do! No communication what so ever! The second guy refused to answer any questions I had and telling me not to talk to him but to talk to the first guy instead.

(This second guy had been there for a while and was rude and obtuse) so it wasn't like he could not answer a question or 2! We had 2 way radios that they use between yard jockeys that these two guys were supposed to talk to me on for *training*. NOT A WORD TO ME AT ALL ALL NIGHT FROM EITHER GUY! I pretty much spent 3 nights of anguish trying to figure out everything on my own!

No help from the "so called trainers" at all! Went to the night management about it. They said they would talk to them! *ya right!* I did not go to the job the 4th night as I had had enough with this BS yard jockey job that I had not signed on for in the first place!

I talked to human relations for the company about this whole ordeal and that I applied for a driver job not a yard jockey and that this was a bunch of bs! Instead they made excuses and said they were "letting me go" (Already Quit) and not going to give me the delivery driving job that I had originally applied for!! This whole experience was a thorn in my side! The 2 trainer guys who I won't name..don't want anyone invading their turf!

So they just blow you off! The company said all of their drivers keep quitting left and right!

{I wonder why?} I don't know how they stay in business!

Stay clear of J. Polep!

Location: Northampton, Massachusetts

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