Ballwin, Missouri
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I can't say how things went in the South Carolina pageant, but our friend's daughter was the winner of the 2014 Teen category in our state. This was her FIRST pageant experience, and other than the dance training she received while growing up, her parents didn't spend extra on modeling classes or pageant training.

And, while her dress was stunning, it was the dress she wore to her prom, not purchased strictly for the pageant.

She didn't win the pageant because of the money she made for NAM. She won because her natural confidence, poise, intelligence and bright smile shone during the competition.

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The pageant in charlotte 2015 was a disaster. The music and lighting was disorganized and very disappointing.

2 judges actually left during the pageant, while they were supposed to be judging, and returned at the end. It was also suspicious that the daughters of 3 families sitting together in the front 2 rows won when the entire auditorium was filled.