NAM is a wonderful experience for young girls. I first competed as a teen and got in the top 10 and now am competing again.

yes the pageant cost a good deal od money but all things do. yes you have to buy food at the hotel but what hotel would host a pageant if they weren't profiting? over all I feel its a fair system and all about the work you put in, not how many years you've competed or the amount of extra money you invested. I have made many good friends from NAM everyone is very friendly including the staff that runs it.

it IS competition not all people can learn a production dance in 30 mins (no you don't get judged on the dance) not all people can model across a stage but its not made to be an easy win. yes a lot of girls are invited to compete after open call but if has nothing to do with you or your childs ability, if she is good the amount of competitors doesn't matter. my roommate just won in the U.S pageant system and was not given anything but a crown and sash and her pageant was also WAY more expensive. NAM has a great prize package and if you plan right, you could profit from the money you put in to what you win back.

many pageant people say NAM is what started them off, their first pageant and I can see why, with talent optional and no swimwear this truly is a personality competition where you are based on confidence, your communication skills and presentation. I promise your daughter will learn so much and be a better, more confident, more professional young lady after NAM no matter her age. I encourage you to participate if given the chance.

my mother is an NYPD officer and single mom of 5 kids and were not the richest, she loves NAM and thinks it is worth the trade of so don't be discouraged moms! NAM is wonderful, fun, and teaches amazing life skills as they promise!

Reason of review: learned a lot and they deliver there promises.

National American Miss Pros: Teaches kids life skills, Friendly people, Boost confidence.

National American Miss Cons: Sharing new york pageant with new jersey.

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Run from NAM! this company DOES NOT teach our daughters anything in 2015.

There were no skills, etiquette training or confidence building provided. Anything positive about this company is written by the company. All the parents I spoke to at the pageant in charlotte 2015 were extremely disappointed with their unfulfilled promises, disorganization and pageant itself; the music got louder when the girls and host were talking.

Nobody from NAM taught the girls a single life skill, don't be naive. Seek a better organization that will actually care about your daughter.


This may have been true in the past, but the 2015 regional competition in charlotte was chaotic and disorganized, the girls were taught nothing and the staff was worthless


Can you stop commenting on all these posts? I'm sure it was chaotic.

But we all don't know how you are. Some people take things for granted and don't see how much work goes into these sort of things.

This isn't an easy thing to host. Just enjoy the experinece, its not always about winning.

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