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My experience today was terrible...Its all about business..even when we are talking about kids contest...Introduction was nice ..but that was an introduction for 550$ payment for those who will go to the state competition....I believe everybody will got the letter for the state competition .Plus there was so many overweight kids..."Miss"competition is usually competition in beauty then everything else..plus the kids were taken to the interview like they were going to the Ausviz..Really terrible!Whats the point?Just the money for those who made up the whole thing

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Did you seriously just say there were over weight children like it is an issue?


How about finding out when the next OPEN Call is and print up flyers and put them on the cars in the parking lot.That would be a great public service!

@Bent OVR by NAM

I agree with you !!!’


Wow. Sometimes there are no words for how ugly a person's soul can be. Worst part is your raising children.


To the Egotistical Battle ax that is on here whining on March 13th about overweight girls participating in the NAM pageant, maybe you should try and teach your hatchling that beauty comes in all sizes and that the por child can have more than 2 grapes and a bean sprout to eat for dinner. You must be a miserable Rawboned joy to exist with..... Poor Child.


I’m a coach...I coach my boys in all sports, never thought I’d be a pageant dad with my wife...but this is our 4th year in NAM... and our daughters confidence and friends list has grown like wild flowers...She has a new sense of fashion and how she carries herself...She helps out other girls at the pageants and helps all people in general...very loving soul...NAM HAS BROADENED her horizons and she sees thing in a more positive way now more than ever...she is competitive...but compassionate as well...I have friends who’s girls are in competition softball leagues/traveling volleyball too...the gas bills...the many weekend tournaments and hotel cost and sports equipment along with uniforms is outrageous in cost...I mean thousands of dollars throughout the season...If your daughter likes pageants an you can afford the money needed to invest in her passion...then I say do it...

and do it well...and have no regrets...the same goes for the girls who love travel volley ball and softball...we as parents will do whatever for our baby girl angels...some complainers I have seen on here have three things going against them...One: they just don’t have the money to put into the pageant to give their daughter the best chance of standing out... Two: Is mad because their daughter never wins anything she gets entered into...ever... Three: No man in their lives (or woman...politically correct here) that stands behind their daughter and supports her in anything...all on the momma who is overwhelmed...so NAM...

our little princess will be back once again and she’s excited...to see her new and old friends and party and be magical if only for one weekend...Ms. Momma complainer...go enroll your daughter into a pottery class so she can make you a coffee cup to cry your tears into...peace!!

@Coach T

We are in the pageant for the first time. My daughter has performed ballet, tap, hip hop routines for 4 years and in drama for 3 years.

Recently she played Dorothy in The Wiz (city theatre) and yet the way she has blossomed in the past two days during this pageant has been shocking. Yes it is an expense and a lot of work but to see her make new friends and see her confidence grow makes it all worth it.


Thank you. This is what I wanted to hear. My child is the same way!

@Coach T

What is NAM spelled backwards?