Rochester, Michigan
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We have always been a supporter of NAM, but now we are beginning to feel like they are more about the money then about the qualities they want a NAM winner to possess. With dwindling numbers at the Michigan Pageant this past weekend from controversy surrounding last years judging, it was apparent they needed to do some damage control.

We truly believed they would take the opportunity to fix what had happened last year, and for the most part, they did - with one exception - they continued to crown past winners or contestants that had some affiliation with the judges...wouldn't it make sense to see the beauty, confidence, and poise in a new, fresh face at the pageant and give them a chance to represent NAM?

Until that happens, there will always be doubt in future contestant/families minds which is a shame because NAM does have the right branding for young girls today. Stop using past queens as judging and start believing that someone new may be just a good, if not better, than what is tried and true.

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In 2015, all NAM cares about is money and suckering the same girls into repeatedly giving money year after year. Take her to Disney instead where they will really treat your daughter like a princess.

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