Portland, Oregon

NAM is a great opportunity for young women who want to learn public speaking and stage presence and build self confidence. Yes it costs money, yes it's hard work, and NO you aren't guaranteed to win.

I can't believe all of the complaints from people just because they didn't win. FYI- it doesn't matter how much money you spend, and that's nothing to brag about, you can do the dress, hair and makeup on a budget. Also you win when you do well and if you didn't win anything, you didn't do well! Better luck next year.

Try harder and improve yourself in the mean time. Don't complain.

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What a ***! I can't believe you can be so judgmental regarding little girls!

Really?? Can you give a reason why the staff don't wear name tags? How about why a majority of the girls appeared lost? Why did several judges leave before the pageant was over?

Public speaking? Stage presence? Self confidence?

NAM did not attempt to teach the girls any of these skills. This company should be run out of town on a rail!!


Most of the complaints I have read aren't because their daughter's didn't win, its because NAM is crowning the same girls over and over and using past Queens as judges. If scores are to be thrown out because the judge knows the girl or vice versa, then there is no way that girl could still be crowned or end up 1st runnerup.... It's simple math!


Trust me. Second time on.

More money spent, more likely to especially if you get lots and lots of ads and they only help the queens who win go to finals. Two people who entered their daughters "won" after spending thousands of dollars to win $1,000!.

They will lower your child's self esteem and the participation trophies are cheap, broken easily, and about two inches small. Save your money or find other pageants