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ONE WORD, TERRIBLE. I will never do national american miss again.

I competed in *** for my state and when we went to registration my mom ended up paying $200 extra for "fees"! Also the lady checking us in was very unprofessional. She kept laughing and joking with the guy next to her about the "cheap" parents and girls. Later that evening the pj party happened and a lot of girls were in their own groups with their own friends not caring about all the other girls that were alone, like myself.

The next day I attended orientation and then rehearsal for the group dance being preformed at the finale. After that we had a lot of hours to chill out so that's what we did. When it was time for formal wear I went downstairs with my parents and it was the most unorganized, terrible thing ever! The girls were everywhere around the hallways!

No workers to say where to go. Then finally after about an hour a worker came and got us in line. Then we did formal wear and personal introduction. After that it was the end and the finale was tomorrow so I went back to my room.

Fast forward to the next day to the finale. We were all dressed in our dresses and it was time of awards. I entered in three optional contest and didn't win or place in any of them, which I felt was unfair because a girl that got 3rd place in spokesmodel kept looking down at her paper and even stopped talking for a second, while I said all my words while not looking at the paper and having eye contact with the judges. I did make it to top 15 though.

All the girls that make top 5 I felt did not deserve it and keep it mind all the girls that made top 5 had been competing for 4+ years. The girl that won queen should not have won. She didn't bond with any girls doing pageant weekend. I didn't even notice her until they called her as the winner.

Message of the day: the longer you do NAM, the more money you spend, the better your chance of winning. Please don't be like how I was reading these reviews thinking these people are just mad, THEY ARE ALL REAL REVIEWS! It was my first time doing NAM and last time, I will never ever do NAM AGAIN! And please don't spend 2k on this pageant like I did, you could be using that money for a vacation.

There are many other less expensive pageants. TRY THEM AND DO NOT DO NAM!

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Yes!! We had a very similar and disappointing experience.

This company was very unprofessional and did not teach the girls any skills. Do not be naive, your daughter was not nominated, they obtained her name and targeted her for money

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