Wichita, Kansas
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It's all about the money the more you spend the better chance your daughter has of winning. You have to purchase there flowers that you give your daughter when you escort her.

All they give you are three rose's. I wanted to get a dozen of my own rose's for my daughter, but there excuse is that they want all the rose's to look the same, in reality they want you to spend your money to buy there's.

Your better off spending your money on a portfolio for your daughter and sending it to all modeling agency. They don't care about your kids they care about the money they put in there pockets.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You aren't required to buy the flowers sold by NAM. Buying their flowers does not increase your score.

I know for a fact that several winners DIDN'T buy the flowers, because it would just be one more thing to fuss with on stage and not needed.

Yes, if you do want to hand your daughter flowers on stage you must use their flowers. Otherwise, there would be at least one girl walking around with an arrangement bigger than her.

This rule keeps the amount of flowers a girl has to deal with to a minimum and it is OPTIONAL.

With NAM, as many things, what you get out of it is directly related to what you put into it. It's more attitude than $.


Totally agree! The judges are probably paid off too!

It's all about the $$$ honey!

I say we all file a class act lawsuit against this scam artist of a so call company! Nothing but thieves and liars!

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