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My daughter was thrill about the idea, so we paid the fees in which is true the more you spend the higher the chances are to win. Besides that I enter her in the top model photographs and believe me I have a friend that is more personal then those ppl taking photos.

They talk about getting to know them and teaching them not true! Everything is a waste of time and money.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I couldn't agree more! NAM is a money making scam.

I urge parents to research this company and find a more legitimate pageant. Don't be fooled by their scam that someone in your community nominated your daughter.

NAM bought your daughters name through another company. All NAM wants is your money, they don't give a *** about the girls.


You're nuts, get over it lady


I totally disagree. My daughter won a free entry through one of the photo contests, and She was first runner-up in her division.

This was our first experience with this pageant, and I was very pleased with how it was run. I thought that it was very fair.

I like that the scoring from the judges is sent straight from their computers to the scoring company. I don't know how it could have been done more fairly.


Computers??? Lol!

There weren't any computers used for NAM. You must be referring to another organization.

Considering the $600 entry fee, NAM is the cheapest run pageant in the country. The judges score with pencil and paper


Judges do scoring on paper, but judges scores are fed into a computer. At least that is what one of the organizers explained to myself and a group of other parents while girls were doing their personal interviews.

It was a nice Q&A session while we waited...

It might be cooler if they had an iPad or something for scoring, but their could be tech issues. If primary scores are on paper no score is lost due to a technical issue for sure.

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