Summerville, South Carolina
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NAM was an extreme disappointment. Why don't the employees wear name badges to identify themselves?

The girls weren't taught any skills. The only direction given were in the handouts. There are other very legitimate pageants that actually teach the girls some poise, skills and confidence, NAM is not one of them. If parents think that someone in the community actually nominated your daughter for this 'opportunity', your wrong.

NAM bought your daughters name through another company.

NAM is a money making scam. Other pageants cost little to nothing and will provide girls will confidence, skills and life-long friendships, do some research online.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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NAM themselves said that they retain names from their sponsors: Ford, Cheerleading Magazine, John Robert Powers Modeling School, and National Honor Roll. If you look up "National Honor Roll," it appears to be a scam in itself!

It's amazing that Ford has sponsored NAM since 2003. Ford reps truly don't realize (or maybe don't care) what's going on.

But hey, at least you do! Thanks for sharing.

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