Spokane, Washington

I feel it is *** and a scam. The parents or "sponsors" pay all this money to get their daughter(s) into the pageant, and I feel you pretty much pay your way in, that it didn't have anything to do with talent, poise, confidence, anything.

In the open call session, they spent about 2 mins with my kiddo and put her in the state finals based on that. Now, I think she is absolutely amazing. With thay said, I have a hard time believing someone can make it into a legitimate pageant based on that. We received the call that she made it to state within a few days.

We went to the first session and had to bring our first half of the sponsor money. They spent about an hour with the girls who got to go on a pretend stage and say their name, what city they're from, and what they wanted tl be when they grew up. They also got a chance to walk on the stage in their shoes they would chose for finals. Totally worth $240, right?!

I didn't enter my kiddo in any extra competitions because we just don't have the cash and also because these extra competitions weren't supposed to have anything to do with the final pageant. The 3 categories to win state were to be based on personal intro, interview, formal wear, and 10% for community involvement, which meant all you had to do was bring a school supply item. Over 3 days there were a series of workshops and practices. For the required practices, they were about 30-45 mins.

How is a 4,5,6 year old supposed to remember a dance routine they spent 30 minutes practicing one day and like 15 mins the next day? The workshops were spread out, so we had TONS of time in between. They had it at Hotel Murano in Tacoma (the financial district?), so there was really nothing to do in between. The final day of the show was the same thing--practice, break, formal wear comp, break, practice, break, then finally the actual show.

The other thing that pissed me off was that they gave away trophies for the optional contests during the finale, which I think they should've done at a seperate time because there were a lot of kids looking around like what in the heck is going on and why don't I get a trophy, as the same 5 girls keep getting trophies because their parents could afford to enter them in the alternate comps. Every girl DID get a trophy for competing, which was awesome, but over $600 for a $22 trophy is bs.

There were a ton of people there from NAM to help with all this stuff, but it was so impersonal. Pretty much the wholr thing was ***!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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NAM no longer gives trophies for attending. They just take the $600 and don't give the girls anything, no life confidence building skills. The girls would be better off raising this money for charity and would build positive skills along the way in addition to being recognized in the community and would be a fabulous addition on college application.


Yes! I agree, its a big scam.

NAM just wants money from little girls and in 2015 they no longer give trophies, just certificates. The girls did not gain any skills from this company


I'm sorry your daughter didn't have a positive experience. We absolutely love NAM and we actually were at the WA pageant last weekend.

They give away tons of awards during the finale, the majority don't cost a thing to qualify for. The "same girls" seem to win the major optionals because those are the ones that did well in those competitions. Yes, NAM can be pricey but how do you think they can afford to give away such fabulous prizes? We've done quite a few different pageant systems and NAM by far offers the best prize packages.

As for the production number dance? That's just supposed to be a fun thing. They're not being judged on how well they know the dance. My daughter has never had a problem picking up the basic steps quickly, and the choreographer is always there for them to follow along with.

The whole weekend is supposed to be about making new friends, building confidence and trying new things. It is a competition though.

Nothing wrong with young girls learning they can't always win, and you have to work hard to earn things. Similar to doing a sport.

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