Rock Hill, South Carolina

NAM has become a very bad company that just cares about getting money from contestants. Please, just because there is no bathing suit show, doesn't mean its a reputable company and several gowns worn were inappropriate for the age of the girl.

The 2015 rules did not give gown restrictions in any of the paperwork provided. NAM did not provide the girls with any direction other than sending them out on stage. Most girls appeared awkward, lost and confused during the pageant. I was outraged with this company and do not recommend National America miss.

If the pageant was overcrowded in CA, its most likely because they are steadily losing money elsewhere because pissed off parents are slamming them on social media.

NAM needs to be run out of business. I suggest finding a more reputable pageant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We have only had positive outcome from this system. Very clear on rules and regulations.

To be honest, as the parent I made sure to read everything so my daughter was prepared.

Maybe some parents did not do that and it's easier to blame the system than admit that the lack of follow through the parent had might have contributed to the negative result. Everyone should hold themselves accountable for their actions and lack of.


This is so strange. NAM provided me with way more infomation than any competition of any kind that I have ever done.

Athletics, academic, anything.

Lots of information and the outfit rules were clearly stated in the very first booklet they gave to us. If someone is lost on stage then they probably did not read their magazines ahead of the event and they definitely did not attend the rehearsals during the pageant.


How weird? I competed in the teen division in Texas and I went back and I see the rules here plain and clear.

I made the top 20, but if those girls appeared awkward as you say, maybe they/their parents should do their research prior and polish up on their walk and self confidence. The NAM staff can't "create" a pageant pro in two days.

They can guide them on which way to walk on stage, but THE PARENT(S) can get them coaching or like I said do their research and coach them themselves. Your daughter probably didn't place and that's why your upset, maybe you shouldn't have her compete if you can't accept not winning/placing.


you're upset* sorry for the typo


Thanks for the head's up. Wow! I'll share this with my neice.

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