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My daughter competed this past weekend for NAM. What I found out is a lot of the girls in the top 5 competed the past few years with NAM.

So they realty don't give a newbie a chance. Also, found out how much each parent out in for their daughter to gain a spot. You need DEEP pockets for this pageant.

Won't do it again!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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While I agree that past state Champs have a better chance because of coaching during their year as queen, it is not about money. My daughter has competed twice.

Her first year, she competed in 1 optional contest and was second runner up overall in the state . Her second year she competed in 3 optional and did not place in the top 20. Her second year a past state title holder won again. She won because she was prepared, not because of how much she payed.

The confidence my daughter receives from this organization is invaluable. It also teaches the girls that you have to work for what you want and that there are dissapointments in life. Most of the negative comments I read on here are from parents expecting their child to win because they entered.

By that rationale, they should get every job they interview for as well right? Life lessons people

to Anonymous #1282484

NAM troll promoter!

This review is from the organization itself.


Yes I'll agree. Very disappointing to learn girls were appointed from last years top 5.

You've gotta be the one who enters your daughter in every category year after year. Very miss leading and too much money dished out.


This is a ripe off pageant. You actually pay for every trophy you win.

If you bring them more business or more money you win in each category. This is suppose to be an Christian organization but, it is a money organization . Not about true talent,photogenic, casual wear or top model.

All kids deserves a fair chance in life not to be ripe of their chances. Pissed to the 3rd degree!

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