Orlando, Florida

Judges were completely off this year. This is supposed to be a pageant based on a girls confidence and public speaking abilities with minimal, age appropriate makeup.

Last year the judges truly did pick girls for the top 5 who shone on stage and didn't seem like typical "pageant girls" (over rehearsed and over enthusiastic) yet the girls who placed this year were the complete opposite and in no way did their genuine personalities shine through. How can a girl with no makeup on and subpar performances won queen while an incredibly made up girl with fake eyelashes and a pageant coach win 1st runner up. Incredibly inconsistent and it was clear that some of the judges were NAM parents which made the competition completely unfair. Not a single girl who placed in the top five the year before placed in the top five this year.

Ridiculous. My family will be back when the pageant reverts back to being fair for every single girl and based on whose personality and confidence shines through not based on how fake and over animated you can make yourself look to fit the pageant girl stereotype.

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