Middletown, Ohio

Hello my Daughter received an invite for an open call interview. Was 5 days later accepted to compete as state finalist for Ohio.

Along came packet after packet of how much money to send in aside the entrance fee of $480.00. There were high costs for every single event or down to 3 dying roses if you wanted for your daughter to have at $30. Krogers a lot better n cheaper! This pageant upon being there was obvious for girls that had been competing up to 12 years the least being 3 years.

My daughter had never competed before nor asked to part take she was sold this idea that she had an honest chance! We are very hardworking and if you haven't noticed this economy is *** right now! It was clear if you are willing to pay for all the additional opportunities to participate which lowest is $75 up to $150 each, mind you they say it doesn't count towards the finale pageant when what I saw clearly did! What cost almost $2000 to get her there she came out deceived shame on this business that is clearly for money making and not a true pageant for girls dreams.

And once again shows if you have the money you can buy yourself a win!

Let alone the invites given to single teenage mothers, ones with tattoos all over their bodies is this America? Is this what whole some hardworking people stand for? To represent our states?

It was obvious sure they could pay the money to partake in it but was never an option to win or make a semi finalist!

Praise God he didn't allow my daughter to win into this money pit! And shame on you all to allow this!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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No it's sad that you are just mad that your daughter didn't win. Nam puts 0 pressure on you to do any optionals.

That is for fun only, and does not effect the overall pageant score.

They truly love on all the girls and even though my daughter did not win, she had a blast & made a lot of friends. Oh, but she did get 1st runner up and had NO pageant experience at all!


Absolutely was a total joke the ones that were runner ups and won have been paying this NAM from 3-10 years every year to be in this pageant. The last year Miss Ohio had been competing for 12 years add that money up with just basic cost no electives you have at least $1500-$2000 easy.

Now times that by 12 trips to this pageant. There's a college education all to win a $1000 scholarship?

How nigh dies these owners make to run this 501c3? I'm requesting a review

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