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Namiss is a scam! My daughter did an outstanding job.

She was flawless in all 3 rounds. Way better then the top 10 girls who were chosen at the finale. Flawless because she worked her butt off to do this well. Funny how the girls who have been there more then one time and sold lots of advertisements and made that company lots of extra money were the one's who made top 10.

The judges are payed off and everything is fixed! I will be contacting this company to get my money back! Its all about money with this company and they won't even look at your child twice unless your entering your child in all of the optional contests which is an extra $75 per contest, and there's like 6 of them.

All my daughter got for $500 was a cheap *** trophy that broke while driving home from this fixed *** pageant. DO NOT ENTER YOUR CHILD IN THIS *** COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO WASTE YOUR MONEY, YOUR TIME AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SEEING YOUR CHILD BE BROKEN HEARTED AND CRUSHED!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The judges didn't like your daughter enough to put her in the top. That's the truth, plain and simple.

Maybe you should use this as a means of teaching her about real world rejection instead of throwing false accusations around.

This is how entitled people are raised. Hope that helps.


Oh so what your dumb *** is saying is that if the judges don't like a child because of their own personal taste, that they will not score them properly!? Wait, I thought this was a competition on confidence and how well a child speaks!

Not on if the judges likes a child or not. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THAT VERY CLEAR AND PROVING MY POINT THAT THIS IS TOTALLY FIXED AND I AM TOTALLY RIGHT!!! Wow you are beyond *** you just admitting that the judges are payed to judge on who they like at first glance and who they don't. Thank you again for this post.

I bet you thought you were ripping me a new one huh LOL! Yet in the mix of your rant and raving of complete stupidity you slipped and just told everybody the REAL truth...

What an ***!!! LMAO!


$500?? And $75 for the others contests??

Lol, not anymore. In 2015, it cost $600 and $150 for the lousy photogenic contest that consisted of the photographer using a digital camera with the girls standing in front of a backdrop in the hotel lobby. There was no personal photography session. Run, don't walk, from NAM!

Its a scam. Do the research, there are many other pageants that will give your beautiful daughter the attention she deserves without stealing our hard earned money.