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I'll review this because I admit I fell for it. My daughter has competed for 3 years.

I spent a lot of money with optional contests and advertising. She won cover girl because we sold ads she did well in optional contests year one then declined. She never placed in the main event until this year when she made top 10. However her scores were worse than any other year?!yet we stepped it up bought dresses like other contestants who won stepped up our introduction from the basic name town your from and ambition.

How does that happen? She won cover girl supposed to be like winning queen, well no not really she was asked of the same responsibilities to help with check in represent at state pageants. She wanted to help and was treated poorly by some of the staff and Queens who are supposed to be role models. The referral process for this pageant is writing names and addresses down of people you know.

The more names you win. They say not everyone from open call gets in open call are the moms of queens asking questions to your child and rating them. No pageant experience necessary. So if mom doesn't like kid no dice.

They say life skills, however as my cover girl daughter went to help hand out trophies, I overheard staff talking about favorites to win. The same two people who treated my daughter like trash. For three years I spent a lot of money to this organization on state pageants the cost to send my child to Nationals would be twice what I spent. I went as far as to hire a pageant coach through pageant perfect for 1000.00 dollars.

I selected them because the girls who used them won national titles. Well they took my money and were communicative until I submitted pictures of my kid child. They were very slow to contact me after that even though I considered taking my child to nationals. I guess my child doesn't fit the bill for this pageant even though they claim they are not your typical pageant and accepts everybody.

My advice save your money don't make the same mistake I did. Encourage your daughters to be who they are. They do not need crowns, parading around in banners to make a difference. This organization is a rip off claiming we teach kids valuable life skills.

We can do that on our own with out making our children feel like *** or be rewarded for how much money your momma spends on National American Miss. They just want money they don't care about making your daughters into leaders. Parents you can do that for your daughter yourself.

Don't waste 15,000 dollars like I did. Learn from my mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I will not be entering my daughter. Thanks for your honesty.


I have competed in this pageant for 3 years now and I love it! My mom and I never spend that much money and I have place in top 10.

I don't do any optionals or anything.

NAM is about building girls confidence in themselves. I love the system and I love all the people I get to meet.


Thank you for sharing your story. As I suspected, NAM contestants spend about $5,000, per year, to compete in its system.

You actually got out cheap, at $15,000 for three years; many candidates who have been in the system for 9 or 10 years, for example, spend $45,000 to $55,000! Imagine that money going for a down payment for a homes -- yours, not NAM's!


NAM teaches life skills such as perseverance and challanges girls to do their personal best.

They learn that they have to put in hard work and dedication to achieve goals throughout their life.

NAM is a path for them to learn that they can't always win, and they often times have to overcome obstacles to grow.

Some girls and parents react with humility, class, and grace when they win and when they don't win. Some girls and parents react with frustration, callousness, and bad sportsmanship.

In competition there are two things people need to remember.


You have to practice...

2. There can only be one winner... When you do those two things it reminds you that you have done your best and that you need to be gracious to the person who won, because they did their best as well.

Lastly, you are ultimately responsible for your child's future. Your actions and your words will be carried with her for a lifetime. She won't always be the best. She won't always win.

She won't always be the favourite. Most people know these things to be true every day of their lives. Does that mean that they should blame others and cry that life is unfair then give up? No.

They grow and learn and strive to do better.

What message are you sending to your daughter?


If they only care about money, why would they want to treat you poorly and loose out on you as a customer? There is no logic to this line of reasoning.


they probably don't care they the money

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