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My daughter got selected so we went last weekend back to the hotel for practice. After my sponsor paid 520.00 there are still more costs and fees and they don't even pay for the hotel.

It is 75 dollars per entry just to show a photo, model, act, dance, or do a talent. This is bull *** and everyone needs to know about this. Not everything is said to you the first meeting. It's the second one where they get you.

I noticed every single girl that came the first time they all got chosen. I guess the more money for them the marrier. They all make millions and promise the girls so much and most of them don't get anything. Whoever spends the most money gets crowned.

It's not based on their beauty it's based on how much money you give them. I am letting my daughter do this and then never again. She is 11 and doesn't realize that this thing is a scam. It's not her fault so I'm not going to punish her.

But I am warning everyone else. Don't do this.

And all of the positive comments on here are people who work there to make it sound great. It's ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Also $15 for each family member final production ticket. Ridiculous!!!

Who is going to leave their small children unattended to choose to not go to this pageant finale? I think this actually might be illegal.


I agree....every girl at initial screening event was chosen to participate..Also at the event parents could not take a group picture and we're forced to get up from their seats and turn and face the wall so they could not take photos forcing them to buy the expensive $50 group photo. They claimed it "messed up the professional photographers picture with parents using their flashes.

" Then they would not let escorts bring their own flowers and families had to purchase their $20 bundle of 3 roses.

We had to return ours because rose was broken and bud fell off. You do not have to buy flowers but everyone does...if you do not buy them it looks bad on the male escorts part.


The $480 sponsor fee and $40 Production number outfit are the only REQUIRED fees. The $75 photogenic, casual wear, and other competitions are optional, and have no effect on the overall scoring.

Your are also not required to stay at the hotel. They tell you all of this information in Magazine #1, and give you what they call, "The Bottom Line," or the minimum amount you are REQUIRED to spend which totals $520.


Not true!!!! You have to purchase tickets to the finale at 15$ each/per person, you are charged a 20$ registration fee, you need to have jeans shorts and white tennis shoes for finale ( we owned neither and had to buy) add that to the gown, accessories, travel.expenses, food, pageant coaching, hair services, etc, the average Nam pageant is a few thousand out of pocket.


However, they schedule the events to end at 10:15 pm and after photos and etc it turns into 11:00pm. Then the next days events start between 8:00 and 9:00 am.

You are almost forced to stay at the expensive resorts they choose because of time constraints and the changing of all outfits. It is a money-making scam for sure. You should never have to pay $40 for a production outfit after paying a $480 participation fee. The production outfit was a cheap t-shirt, little socks, cheap bracelet and necklace.

We will never do this again! The comments about whoever buys more competitions and sells ads wins is true.


100% agree !


Just a parent here. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience.

It sounds like most all of your issues have to do with money and I certainly get that. This is the largest pageant in America, including Miss USA and Miss America. They choose a price for the pageant and we have to decide whether or not to participate. NAM does make money, that's the goal so they can continue the pageant each year.

The "expensive resorts" are chosen so we have a nice, safe place to spend the weekend competing. Keep in mind there are hundreds of girls so the place has to be pretty good sized to accommodate everyone. Also, the hotel is the one making money on the rooms. I'm sure the NAM staff probably gets their rooms discounted for all the business they bring in but that's understandable.

It is true that you win the cover girl title by selling ads. I know we have all seen a school fundraiser before where you can win prizes based on how much you sell. It's the same thing. The cover girls deserve that crown and sash for going out and talking to people and being turned down probably far more than not.

The pageant is a learning experience. I promise you the overall crown nor the optionals can be bought. I know when you feel like you spent way too much money for something you tend to lash out. The truth is this is the best pageant out there but it can be expensive.

The bottom line is find out how much everything would cost, see if you can lessen the burden by sponsorship (this would be outstanding practice for the pageant), borrowing dresses, sharing a room, eating out of a cooler, etc. and then make a decision on whether or not to compete. The pageant fees are what they are, we shouldn't say things we don't know are true because we don't want to spend that much money. I will say what your daughter would get out of this pageant system would be priceless.

We all don't have the money though. If I can be of any help to you in regards to information about this pageant or in help preparing let me know.

I truly only care about your daughters benefit in this. (:


What about hotel, photo CD, Food, Dress , shoes etc


I am so happy that I Googled before registering for their "Open Call" for the Miss Ohio Pageant! I will not even bother..

I cannot afford anything like this. Maybe once I finish school and get my degree =) I shelled out $900 for some other thing a couple years ago and nothing ever came of it.


You are right I'm sitting here at the workshop at the crown plaza I already spent almost a thousand dollars and I refused to spend more idc anymore I'm just gonna let my daughter do this and leave cuz everything is about money here how in the world after they charge u 500 Dollards to get in the pageant they also want to add tickets for the parents are u serious who is going to leave a 5 year old go by herself of course the parents have to b there so yea they charge u for assisting to the event this is *** idk what those 500 dollars were for I guess to cover their advertising costs I hate them

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