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National American miss is a complete waste of money & time. So there only supposed to judge on your intro, formal wear, & interview.

Not on looks. & the girl who won was extremely pretty & so were all the girls in the top 10 & the girls who won years before. That is not a coincidence. They judged on looks & they weren't supposed to.

That just made the competition unfair. Anyone who's thinking about getting involved with national American miss I don't suggest u do. It cost hundreds of dollars for a formal dress, interview outfit, shoes, jewelry, a hotel, entry fees & all that & it's not worth it. Save ur money, you'll be glad u did.

Plus they say this pageant "boosts confidence" but really when u walk on stage u only are going to feel awkward & pressured. Even after I competed I'm still the same shy person I was before. No one should be judged on there looks. So don't go to national American miss.

I regretted it. & everyone else will too. It's a terrible organization. Just a waste of time & money, that's all it is.

They only pick pretty girls to be the state queen & that's not fair. There only supposed to judge on the 3 competitions & that's it.

& they claim they would never judge on looks but yet they do ! Don't trust there originization.

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NAM is a money making scam.


This whole review is entirety based on opinion. FYI, most girls who chose to do pageants are pretty. That's who the industry attracts.


Not true at all!

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