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Horrible experience! It was first time for my daughter and she worked very hard to prepared for the competition, but doesn't matter how good she was on stage she had no chance of winning ANYTHING!!!

Because all trophies and prizes went to 3 Barbie Doll looking girls, who acted on stage like a soldiers, over rehearsed and way over trained. They didn't look natural, with fake smiles. When I looked across stage, there were so many naturally beautiful girls, and I saw how faces changed from excitement to tears, all 140 girls, including my daughter!!! Judges was a total joke, unqualified, unprofessional and probably paid off in advance for "crown" or relatives to "winners".

Plus during grand finale someone stole my daughter's "Production Number Outfit" from dressing room! It was another kick in ***. Now she doesn't have even that! My advise: if you do not have A LOT OF MONEY stay away from this nightmare!

They will rip you off without any shame! It is money making machine, not a simple girl dream pageant!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

National American Miss Cons: Liked they promised, Having do compete in optionals to win it is true, Pricing, Overcrowding pageants.

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I totally agree!!! Nam is a total scam, waste of money and time!

Not to mention our daughters being broken hearted. The judges are totally payed off! If you haven't payed for the optional competitions which is extra $$$ of course, then your not even looked at twice.

I think we should all file a class act lawsuit against these scam artists and I am willing to look into this and start this off for all the parents and children who got robbed like my child and I did! Who's with me!?


Omg! Please!!

NAM should be ashamed of themselves. The BBB gets hundreds of complaints every year regarding this company. Don't be naive, this company doesn't teach your daughter a single skill. Any skill gained was done so through your daughters own will and ability.

There are better companies and more affordable, even free, ways to help our young women gain confidence. Do research online


I agree...my granddaughter is in this year


We also had the same disappointing experience in 2015. 2 judges actually left during the pageant and returned at the end. It was also very suspicious that the daughters of 3 families, sitting side by side in the first 2 rows, won.


Sad you had that experience. It was my daughters first pageant at 10 years old.

I was HIGHLY impressed with every aspect. No makeup - no fake hair, no swim suits,,,, She entered ALL optionals except Spokesperson and you know what did not place in any of them. She did however come in the top 20 which was pretty exciting. In our age division the winner was SO natural and the other runners up were just as awesome!

Sure it cost a lot but NAM is a business. When I asked my daughter what she learned from the experience she said "How to talk to talk on your feet in an interview.". That's a pretty good lesson learned if you ask me. The Emcee of the pageant even made sure to tell the girls that "On a different night with a different set of judges the outcome would be totally different".

In my opinion it is important to experience disappointment an learn valuable lessons. Not everyone gets a trophy here or in life.


If it was her first time competing with NAM, then you can't be surprised that your daughter didn't win. The pageant wasn't rigged, the girls who won, won because they worked hard and came back every year and finally had their day.


My daughter entered for the experience and self-confidence. She entered 2 optional contests.

We did not spend a lot of money, but she placed top 20. She was happy she did it.

She did well will her required contests. Great experience if you do it for the right reason.


I understand that you think the judges were unqualified, that's a legitimate concern, but your daughter is just one of thousands of first-timers who don't win anything their first year. I was one of them.

Then I learned the ropes, did what the winners did, and got into the top 5 my second time. By the way, I only entered 1 optional for both of these occasions. People think that you win if you enter more optionals, but in reality, it only seems that way because the girls who win tend to be more competitive and optionals are a great way to qualify for Nationals. If your items were stolen, report it to your director.

This is all just how pageantry works.

It takes experience to do well, and they crown girls who are willing to come back and learn.

Also, I've met many of the new Florida queens and they're wonderful young women.


Why would any normal young woman want to parade around in these BEAUTY CONTESTS? That is what they are, even though they are listed as scholarship contests.

Lets face it if they were actually scholarship contests they wouldn't have to parade around in bathing suits and expensive evening gowns. They could wear nice jeans and shirts. Back when I was young and started watching these contests the young women were just out of high school or maybe barely in college. They had no professional experience in either modeling or show business of some type and they are all college graduates.

I don't actually watch the pagents anymore, but occasionally come across one when I am flipping through the channels, and see enough to know they aren't what they used to be. Several years ago I had an elderly neighbor lady whose grandaughter was in the miss teen-something and this lady was bragging to me about all the gorgeous evening gowns, etc. the family was buying for this girl to wear in final competition. i made some remark about beauty contests and was emphatically told this wasn't a beauty contest, but a scholarship contest.

I did make a point of watching that contest and was really happy when the winner was announced, in the interview part on stage, she had right out told the emcee that she was a foster child and that she had bought her evening gown in the bargain basement of a thrift store.

In any of these contests the only woman I have ever seen that was in tears on stage, was the winner. There is a saying, you win some, and you lose some.


My daughter was a first time contestant and won 2nd place Miss Photogenic and will now be going to finals. She isn't a tiny little petite girl, but she has a beautiful smile, a great personality and deserved what she won, not because of anything I or anyone else did for her.

Now, she will be going to nationals in California and if she wins there, that's great, but if she doesn't she will return back to state competition next year and try yet again. Yes, it cost a lot of money, but it is worth the experience for her and the friendships she will make that will last forever. This teaches them more than the "pageant world", this teaches them responsibility, public speaking, meeting and going out into the world, etc. There are many lessons to be learned from this experience...we only wish she had been able to do this earlier.

And btw, in NAM competitions there is no bathing suit competition and only certain age groups are allowed to wear makeup. I was pleased with out experience and can't wait to be at nationals in November.


NAM is not a scholarship pageant and is NOT just about beauty, and NAM has NO SWIMSUIT competition. Opening number IS jeans and a TShirt, you obviously have never been to a NAM pageant to make such outrageous claims.

Why comment when you have no actual factual evidence to support your craziness? Take your lies elsewhere.


Anonymous, you clearly know nothing about NAM. There is no swimsuit and they do not judge facial beauty. You can't lump every pageant together.

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