I first entered National American Miss when I was 12, 5 years ago. I used to make fun of pageant girls, and I decided to just do it for fun.

I payed all the fees and entered the Talent optional. I walked away with absolutely nothing at the end of the weekend. I was not angry because I knew I didn't do everything correctly, it was only my first time. Although I wanted to try again the next year, scheduling and other life events got in the way.

This year, I decided to try again in the Teen division. I did my research, I looked at what past winners did, I competed in (and won) a local pageant to get back in the game, I spent hours looking for the perfect dress, and I trained day and night until pageant weekend arrived. I payed the bare minimum fees, plus the $50 fee for one optional, Casual Wear. The only other large expense was my Hair and Makeup, done by a retired NAM competitor at the hotel (this expense did not go to NAM).

The weekend was a blast and I met so many great girls. The production team was exceptional, and the weekend flowed flawlessly. I tried my very best, and I was SO excited for the finale awards show. I always tell myself not to expect anything, so I was so excited to win 2nd runner up in casual wear, top 15, and then 4th Runner Up overall!

I am telling this story because I didn't enter every optional, neither did the girl who won OR any of the girls in Top 5. The judges don't pay attention to money. They pay attention to who stands out and is most confident, and the girl who won was an obvious winner from the beginning with how she carried herself. I'm sorry to all who were disappointed with their results.

I assure you that it had NOTHING to do with how much money the other girls spent. Try again next year!

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This is not accurate of how the pageant is conducted in 2015. There is no separate casual wear contest and fee.

It was also just way too suspicious of how the daughters of 3 families, sitting together in the front 2 rows, behind the judges, won.

Also, all the girls that won the photogenic contest also won the pageant. This company is way to transparent, don't be naive.


Casual wear is optional and has nothing to do with the crown. It is its own separate contest.

There is only one girl that can win the photogenic contest and it is also optional and has nothing to do with winning the crown. Where people sit is totally based on how early you line up for when they open up the doors. First ones to line up will have more and better seating options than later arrivals. It could be that the families sitting up front were well prepared, knew how things worked and made sure their favorite contestant knew how things worked and was well prepared also.

It could be that these families have been competing for years and have become pageant friends. Think about it, only one of the families you speak of could have won the pageant and the other two went home without the crown just like you and unless that girl went on to win at nationals, she got a taste of not winning too. The real winners are the girls that come in with good attitudes, are well prepared and walk away having met new friends and the real trophies in the form of poise, confidence, interview skills, public speaking skills, self esteem and feeling beautiful in her dress as she is escorted and adored by her father. Every girl can walk away with the real trophies if their parents don't steal it from them with a bad attitude.

Your response at every phase of the pageant will determine what your daughter gets out of the pageant. Learn everything you can about the pageant, get prepared and be one of those families up front.

Your daughter will benefit immensely. If youre honest, she probably benefited this time even with all the negative energy.

@NAM Dad

So well informed and sounding so much like other "positive" yet invalidating comments to nearly every negative post on a web site dedicated to "pissed consumers".

Do tell, how did you find your way here Dad?



Where did you do your research? & where did you find your dress?


Try the website Izidresses.com i used it and my dress was amazing do not always look at research from them i would advise you calling them instead your directors number is online. Also look up Pageant access which gives you alot of information online and try following nationalamericanmiss online at twitter Instagram, Facebook, and you tube to look up motivational quotes, tips and videos!

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