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I used to love NAM, thought it was really a great pageant for girls to enter but I think I have changed my mind. They are combining the Northern California Pageant with the Southern California pageant to save money.

Now there are over 130 girls in one category alone. Competing against 130 is ridiculous. We paid about $500 entry fees- $300 optionals plus all the extras you have to pay for DVD's,roses,hotel rooms,etc and now they've dumped all of California into one pageant. HORRIBLE!

Same thing for Texas- they totally got rid of the central Texas pageant and are loading up Northern and Southern Texas pageants. Squeezing more girls in for less overhead. Shame on them!!! We have put up with competing against 100 girls but now it's just ridiculous.

Obviously not because of low census as 130 girls proves there was no low census.

I thought NAM was different and about the girls but now have been proven wrong. It's about the money.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

National American Miss Cons: Overcrowding pageants.

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Yes, we completely agree. In 2015 NAM just wants to scam little girls out of $600.

Instead of reviewing criticism and making improvements, they are having to consolidate the pageants because of steadily losing contestants that are going to reputable pageants that cost little to nothing. Isn't social media swell!


At least your pageant is within the same state. They combined Nevada and Utah.

That is very disappointing when you don't have a state rep.

What a joke. This was our 4th year and we won't be back.


I love NAM too but I agree... it would be nice if they'd at least split the age groups into 2 divisions (2 queens per age group) if they're going to be combining North and South pageants.