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I just got a letter in the mail today by Sandy Palmgren saying that i was referred as a possible candidate and that i was able to be in the pageant. it says everything is free, and i was really excited!

But then i decided to make sure this isnt a scam or anything and so far its okay..but i was wondering if i can have someones opinion that has been though this already and been to open calls and everything and their experience so i know what i should do if i should go or not even bother.

Thank you! ^^

Reason of review: i dont know what to do.

Preferred solution: someone to tell me what to do.

National American Miss Pros: I dont know.

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Not true.. Total spent on this pageant for me was 593.96.

That price cover her sponsor fees, formal dress, shoes, and interview outfit. We didn't enter a single optional my daughter won the Minnesota princess a short dress! This pageant is very fair and I highly recommend it! This was our very first pageant and had zero coaching or training.

As a single mom.. It was hard to come up with the money and afford her $29 formal dress. But I practiced the intoduction with her that I wrote 4 days before the pageant. Basically this pageant is based on skill and confidence!

Raise your baby girls to have that and anything is possible. I was sketchy about the whole thing at first but thought it would just be fun to do.. Now I'm a believer!!NAM builds confidence in girls and I have watched my daughter grow in this experience.

So excited for the opportunites that are ahead for us in the next year! She is going to grow up with experience in community involvement and public speaking!


How can your daughter possibly grow up and be all that she can be when YOU, her mother, wrote her Introduction? You gave her 30% of her score! It's not about your daughter; it's about you.


My daughter is going to Harrisburg to compete she is 16 we live in Philadelphia any advice.



NAM has open calls. The open calls are free and if accepted as a state finalist, that's when you have to pay your entry fee.


First, I guarantee that your daughter will be "accepted" into the pageant. And since so many will be "accepted," she will likely receive her "acceptance" via email, because it's cheaper than mailing it; if by mail, then it's cheaper than putting in man hours to make the "accepting" call.

Then, your daughter will need to round up her sponsorship fee. Only after she pays it at the pageant prep training session, will she receive COMPLETE financial disclosures. If, by chance, she decides she doesn't want to continue with the pageant, she won't be permitted a refund. That money becomes a silent income for NAM.

I doubt that NAM even reports it to the IRS!

Meanwhile, to not lose face, parents will go with the "program" in hopes that maybe something good comes out of it. It's a tough pill to swallow, especially when you truly don't know all of NAM's financial disclosures prior to paying the first, NON_REFUNDABLE sponsorship installment.

It's truly unethical, to say the least. I am thankful that my daughter has never participated in a NAM pageant.

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