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I am here to give my honest opinion about National American Miss. My daughter just competed in her first and last pageant tonight in Reston, VA.

The positives- the weekend was fun for my daughter and she met some new friends.

I will also say, she did gain confidence in herself since the pageant.

The negatives- I was all for this pageant and planned on attending next year until the finale tonight. The crowning queens are already groomed and have clicks among royalty and it was shown tonight. How can royalty and their family only cheer on the girls who just so happened to win tonight. I decided against the reviews I read initially to give this pageant a try because it was stated time and time again that optionals were just that but its funny that of the top 10 finalists selected, all were apart of the optionals in some way, which suggests to me that you don't have a chance, no matter how good you do in the judged part unless you pay more for optionals.

I saw girls selected as finalists whose walk was messed up, personal introduction gone bad, playing with their dresses, etc. versus girls who did really good. I couldn't believe it. And not to mention, the jr.

Pre teen girl who won was just as animated as she wanted to be. Don't express the pageant as being natural when the one crowned acted as if she was in role the entire pageant. If that's what your looking for, keep it. My daughter will always be taught to be her.

Its hurtful to see all the young ladies walking around crying because they weren't selected, knowing they should have been. Lesson learned. And for the groupie NAMS, spare me the comments on how my review is because my daughter didn't win.

There were some young ladies who simply did better than her but NAM is rigged. Period.

Product or Service Mentioned: National American Miss Beauty Pageant.

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