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I see a lot of people here mad about NAMs stragedies. I have competed for 3 years, this year I placed my.

The truth is, you will have to get the right coach (I worked with Pageant Champions) and the right attire to do better4. mY first two years I came in with a suit that didn't fit and a dress that was not the right kind for me. Getting a coach was what really helped me improved. Did i Place this year because of "who i knew"?

Probably not. Once you get inside the head of experience pageant people, you learn more and more about what to do and what not to do. Of course, in some state's coaches/coaches parents do judge..

but in my state I think everything was far. Some coaches teach their client's certain walks though which can be used to distinguish a certain company from another..

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Sorry to report, this is not a real pageant. Spending money on coaching for this pageant is ridiculous, give the money directly to NAM instead and your daughter will win. Enter a reputable pageant if you want real pageant experience with reputable judges.

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