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I received a letter today from NAM informing me that “your daughter was selected as a possible candidate who may enjoy modeling, acting, or learning stage techniques that will help empower & enable her to accomplish her future goals.” This peaked my interest as I noticed the age groups ... My youngest daughter will be 33 years old in December!! LOL Time to Scam Hunt ...

Someone in one of the complaints was wondering how NAM got THEIR Contact Information ... This is my theory going off the letter I received ... I have a granddaughter & I ordered the Highlights Hello Magazine (age3-5) for her, in my name, sent to my address! NAM is probably buying addresses from companies who deal with children & young adults in some form from companies like Highlights!! They probably think I have a daughter age appropriate because I’m receiving the Highlights Hello Magazine! Whoops... Huge Mistake NAM!

So for those receiving this letter & wondering how or why ... NAM most likely purchased your address from someone as they did mine! By the way ... My granddaughter is only 2 ... You have to be at least 4 to be in the NAM program! She doesn’t even qualify!! LOL

I hope this helps the person who was wondering & I hope it helps others!!

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I knew it was too good to be true, so I looked up the complaints. wow!! such a waste of time.


I feel decepción about it, in NJ the winner from 2018 was a girl that participated already around 5 year. Lol like that even me win lol


I recieved the exact same letter in the mail today!!

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