The advertisements for the My Pillow claim it is the number one pillow recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Of course it is.

The only products recommended by the National Sleep Foundation are the My Pillow products and that is because the National Sleep Foundation was founded by the My Pillow company for the purpose of being able to engage in what many would call false advertising. Why would anyone pay over $100.00 for a pillow sight unseen when you can purchase the best pillows on the market from Wall Mart or Bed Bath and Beyond for under $25.00? Furthermore, the head of the My Pillow company claims to be a "sleep expert".

Really? Where did he obtain his "degree"?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Advertisement.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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@LInda Crosby

You talk about someone being rude and yet insult POTUS' name and his supporters all in one breath. Class act.

I'm sure your insulting behavior had nothing to do with the response to you, right? Take a look in the mirror hypocrite.

@LInda Crosby

Trump... are you kidding ...

it’s a pillow... this post sounds political.

@LInda Crosby

You should be in prison with hil-LIAR.

@LInda Crosby

Such a moronic post. You leftists with TDS are just sickening trying to play everything imaginable against Trump. We are talking about pillows here.


If these pillows are so good, send them to people like me that have neck issues. If it keeps me from waking up with a headache and neck ache , I will personally go to 50 houses and sell them.

I know 50 stupid people. Seriously send me one Ill test it out.

I do not believe there is a pillow that will be better than a $5 pillow. pay $500 it will do the same in a few months, i have been looking and testing for years.


I broke my neck two weeks after my 19th birthday, and now am 51. Ever since I have had stiff neck issues from sleeping, or other neck stress.

This is from mild kinks that crack out when I turn my head to a stiff neck that runs from the top of my neck to the base of my spine that mostly restrict my body movement. These bade cases can sometimes last over a week. My wife bought me a my pillow about a year ago, and I have not had a stiff neck since. I write this because of how you noted if it would help you would share with others.

I share this with you.

I like my pillow it has been working for me. Keith


He is a thief I think bilking stupid folks.


I purchased them as well. There no more comfortable then a twin pack of Main Stays from Walmart at $5.88.

Humans sweat when sleeping. When I finally washed all 4 pillows, several times..they ended up with a yellow tinge to them. They were washed with Tide, in a 2 week old Whirlpool washer and dryer. I ended up tossing them because they were so unsightly.

Good luck. National Sleep Foundation in lipstick


Their TV Ad's show different number's for you to advise them when placing an order, such as My 28 - My 792, etc. and it appears to me they may be just to let them know which TV station was running their ad.

However I called them twice and told them the different numbers and was advised the price was $79.95 + $9.95 + shipping. Then using the other number was told the price was $99.95 with free shipping. What gives here?

And of course if you do not like them you can return them at your own expense. I'd like to believe that they really do work as advertised

but I'll check other offers before I spend this kind of money on a pillow that just

appears to be a bag filled with shredded Styrofoam!


I suggest buying the Marriot hotels pillows. I compared the King My Pillow to the Marriot's King Down pillows Hands down The My Pillow can't even compare.

I give My Pillow from 1 to 10 a 1

Marriot's Down Pillow a 10

Oh I hate the way exploits Jesus on the Cross as a Prop to make you think he is honest.

Send me my money back.

I'm not paying to ship them back to you. It is just not worth the expense to package them

To many commercials!!!!!!!!!

@Carl J Eberts Jr

This guy 'Mike Lindell' is a recovering crack addict, he hires recovering addicts in his factory, he donates to homeless shelters and he also created the 'Recovery Network", for that I give him the respect.... as far as the pillows i bought, not worth it at all, like other reviewers noted, they are not comfortable, they smell of plastic or something sickening.

I actually spent the $36 to return them. I ended up purchasing the ones at Walmart for $14.88 (twin pack) and now I have "THE BEST PILLOW I WILL EVER OWN".Save your money, do not throw it away on 'my pillow', hit Walmart and enjoy a REAL good night's sleep!


So right .I agree with you.


So he is a good person because of his "alleged" charity donations? Let me see his tax return to see if that is true.

Also, if he did donate it was with money he kept for an inferior product.

And finally a person is known by the people with whom he hangs. I won't dignify the name


I have had My Pillow for 2 years and never want to sleep on any other pillow. I bought a white noise machine that my sister loves and notice it also is suggested by the Nat'l Sleep Foundation. I am happy.


Your full of *** !




The National Sleep Foundation is just a made up foundation owned by My Pillow, so of course he gives it a plug.


Nat'l Sleep Foundation founded by my pillow owner from what previous comments claim.


There are no other pillows that I know of that are guaranteed for 10 years or you money back and can be thrown in the washer & dryer month after month and still hold their form! I bought 2 almost a year ago and wouldn't waste my money again on cheap pillows every 3 months that can't even be cleaned.

For the most part I didn't even pay $100 for 1, I got the second one free!!! Don't knock it if you haven't tried it...I like my pillow so much that I don't even care if there's a n NSF or not.


Of course you don't care. You invented them.