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Have been blinded by barrage of television commercials about this pillow, but would never order a product like this without being able to touch and feel it beforehand. To my surprise while shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond I found 3 different displays in the same store with demo pillows open to touch and feel.

The demo pillow felt very nice to me, full and firm...(understanding that the feel of a product like this is subjective to each person's tastes). Having had multiple cervical (neck) surgeries (fusions) and moderate discomfort since...especially at night...I decide to buy one and give it a try. Now, let me first say...the price tag on their website is absolutely INSANE...you are forced to buy TWO at the price of over $100 shipped! I have purchased many different pillows over the years, and most in the $29-$39 range, with a couple even cheaper for KING sized pillows!!!

At BB&B the pillows were $49.99 each---still very expensive for a pillow on sale. I purchased the FIRM pillow, as I need a great deal of support to alleviate my neck pain. The firm model felt very densely packed yet soft to the touch. I get the pillow home and open it the same day.

It comes in a plastic bag and feels just as dense as the demo did-while unopened. BUT---as soon as you remove it from the vacuum sealed plastic bag, the pillow turns into a pillow case seemingly filled only two thirds of the way with mostly free moving fill inside...not firm or dense at all. Furthermore - when laid across an outstretched arm, the pillow literally folded in half over my arm. When laid on a bed, a touch of the center of the pillow creates a gorge or valley in the middle...again by no means FIRM or dense like the demo.

I defer to the claims stated by the owner Mike Lindell(sp?) in his television commercial, 'the pillow adjusts to your EXACT individual needs and holds that support all night long', and I decide to try it out anyway. I mean who knows...maybe there is something technological about the fill that makes it work?! As soon as I lay my head on the pillow, my head sinks down almost to the bed, with my chin behind the front of my shoulders. This is definitely not the properly aligned spine that his commercial promised.

I then pack all the stuffing towards the center and lay on it, and now I feel like I am laying on a pile of lumpy marble-sized bumps. Not comfortable at all, but my neck is supported better. However, less than 45 minutes after falling asleep I awake to neck pain because my head is almost touching the bed again and the fill is surrounding my ears like a helmet. That finished it for me.

I think to myself it must be a defective pillow...the demo model did not feel at all like this. I take it back the next day and show it to the manager. When placed side by side with the demo, it was visually clear that this pillow was nowhere near as filled or firm as its demo was. He gives me a new one which we take out of the box to feel before I leave...it feels very firm and densly filled.

I leave feeling relieved that it was a defect and not a scam in the consumer. Later that day, I take the pillow out of its bag...NOT AGAIN!!! Yes indeed!!! As soon as the air rushes into the pillow as the vacuum bag is opened, the pillow turns into a loose sachel with some lumpy foam marbles in it that barely half-fill the pillow case.

I am now quite frustrated to say the very least and take it back to the store the same day. I speak with the same manager as I did earlier. He and I open 4 other pillows, each time removing the vacuum sealed bag, and find they are all the same limp sachels with some fill that could in no way be described as a pillow-let alone a FIRM pillow. I wasted a lot of time, travel expense, and endured quite a bit of added pain to return and exchange a product that was clearly promised and guaranteed by the owner of the company to perform above all other pillows, only to realize that Mike Lindell is just another lying cheating scamming entrepreneur, selling potions of youth and bridges for a quarter!

Don't waste your time or money on this product. I wonder if Rose Nylan is his quality control person.

What an eyesore for the reputation of the state of Minnesota and its workers! He should not be advertising such garbage as a product of your great state.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Standard Queen Classic Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Amen on my 2nd return of said pillows. They were supposed to send the original pillows I bought in 2015 WITH NO GUSSETS!

What did I get??

The same damn pillows. Never buy theses pillows it's the "ole bait and switch"


The pillows I received did not say to put them in the dryer. No mention of that.

My friend let me try hers. It came in a bag with instructions to put in dryer for 15 minutes. I tried her pillow and liked it. Then I ordered the exact same pillows.

HATE them! What a waste of my money. No instructions to put in dryer, but did so.

Pillows are so uncomfortable my neck hurts. Wake with headaches.


Does no one read directions anymore? Put it in the dryer for 15 minutes and you wouldn't have this issue.

This is a defective customer, not a defective pillow. One would think you would read directions if all of the pillows were the same when opened in the store.


You are supposed to run the pillow in the dryer BEFORE using to expand filling after being vacuum sealed for so long


I thought you were supposed to put it in the dryer for 15 mins when you open it to fluff out all of the filling. Did you try doing that?


Thanks for the info before I purchase one at that price


Did you read directions? Fluff it up in the dryer for 15 minutes?

You didn't read the directions did you? Shame!

Shame! Shame!


There were absolutely no directions in any of the boxes at BB&B. Did you order yours directly from mypillow?

The ones at BB&B come in a large pillow box and pillow is full size in the bag. People who ordered them from mypillow received their pillows rolled up in a tight bag---which required fluffing....NOT the pillow at BB&B.

I am not shouting, just emphasizing. ;)