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I'm a 64 year old male, fit and healthy, with no history of allergies. I purchased a standard size Mypillow and received it mid October, 2016.

It worked as advertised and I was initially happy with it. On Saturday morning, 11-19-16, that abruptly changed. Out of nowhere, I woke up with an incredible itchy, blotchy rash, pics attached. I went to immediate care and the MD told me I had a bad case of hives and to look at the new things in my life such as food, laundry detergent, etc.

The only thing I could point to was Mypillow. So, I put it away until early Monday morning. The hives stopped getting worse and seemed mitigate a bit because of the prednisone I was prescribed. Early Monday AM, I decided to do an experiment, resumed use and went back to sleep.

When I awoke, the hives were markedly worse and my lips and face became swollen. All told, it was a miserable experience that ruined my Thanksgiving break. Pinpointing the trigger for a histamine allergic reaction can be very tricky but when resuming use worsened the symptoms, that was enough for me. I discontinued use completely, completed my course of medication and in a week, the hives cleared.

I sent Mypillow back and await my refund. I'm not saying that if you try Mypillow you will get sick like I did. Clearly, if this problem was pervasive, they would be out of business.

But I did get sick and I am completely convinced, Mypillow was the cause. So I am doing what I regard as a public service and putting my experience out there for others to consider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Standard Classic Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

MyPillow Pros: It seemed to work as advertised.

MyPillow Cons: It gave my a bad case of hives.

  • Allergic Reaction To mypillow
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I used pillow for about 1 yr. I woke up with rash on neck, jaw area I sleep on.

Wasn't sure because I had the pillow 1 yr and rash just begun. Anyone else get a rash AFTER using my pillow a long time with no rash at first?

to Lois #1641703

Yes! I’ve used this pillow for almost a year.

Woke up with itchy rash on my face. I threw it in the laundry and used my old pillow. Rash was just about gone after a week of using my old pillow. I got my freshly laundered mypillow out and after 1 night it was back.

I have a mild allergy to latex so I guess this thing took a while to aggravate my allergy. This thing is going in the trash!!!


Maybe it was the Pizza he ate earlier. Who knows.


Your allergic to the foam rubber me too my face broke out I looked awful but I realized it could have only been the filling in the pillow I tried it again later to be sure and my face started burning middle of night all red again so that’s something people should look out for allergy to rubber foam cos that’s all the filling in those pillows is cut up pieces of foam etc.


I also got a rash on my eyelids and neck. I am going to change pillows for a couple of weeks to see if it disappears. When I am out of town , not sleeping in my bed, I do not have a problem.


This is a complete crop of BS. Honestly the rash is on this person's leg, and had she been allergic, she'd of broke out in hives all over his or her body, especially the face.

Why no pictures of any other part of the body?Hmmmm? Maybe you bought a knockoff as those are made, and clearly are a ripoff. Had you got the true product, I'm sure this would of never happened. But don't by through a third party supplier.Contact the actual company, because they stand behind their product, and so a 60 day money back guarantee, and if you can't return your product, you bought it from the wrong source.

Don't blame the company.Knockoffs exist everywhere and tend to use different fabric, and low quality material. Be careful what you buy, and who you buy it from.

to ben barr80 #1517988

Multiple reviews over a significant time span point to precisely the same medical problem (severe hives) as this individual. MyPillow advertises itself as 'hypoallergenic'. Clearly they are not.

to ben barr80 #1689725

I’m actually dealing with the same thing now... I’ve had this pillow for over a year with no issues.

3 weeks ago I started to break out in hives on my neck, mid section etc... after going to my physician, dermatologist, e.r, they have all said it’s hives and an allergy to something... I’ve been trying to weed out everything it could be. It started to diminish and I realized I was using a different pillow, then this morning I woke up to huge welts on my neck...

I looked at which pillow I had used, and sure enough, it is one of the “my pillows”! It is getting tossed needless to say!

to ben barr80 #1699961

I'm having the same reaction My doctor told me probably new material

to ben barr80 #1705421

Chill out. First you can only speak on your own behalf.

Only individuals who are narcissistic and who actually believe that your own assumption or judgement on someone else's sitiation is important and must be heard. That is not a healthy way of thinking. To responsd after hearing or reading someone's unfortunate experiance is a bold step in letting it be known just how small and limited your mindset is. To be so offended or defensive about something you know nothing about and to pass judgement is one thing but to actually making it be known to the other person about how you feel after you have read or heard of their situation is really belittling their pain, discomfort and their life altering *** time in their life.

Making one to feel as if they are not that important. Narrow-minded individuals live their days of their life hating on people by placeling judgement on others instead of speaking their minds on truths, facts, and of true acts a human can do to help promote constructive and helpful advice to bring up a person; not to knock them down. And to always be clear in rational communication for a peaceful and productive outcome to any and all situations. See the difference.

I hope so because you sound like a immature hot headed idiot who doesnt even have a leg to stand on.

So for your opinionated response was just that; your own dam opinion. And truth be told just because a product was cheaper than a more expensive product does not mean or make that cheaper product to be of much less quality compared to the more expensive one for they can be of same quality or the cheaper one the better choice of them both.


I'm having the same reaction


I had the same problem. Woke up with head feeling bruised and feeling like I had the flu and my ear was swollen.

Over the next 2 days that it took me to figure out the problem was the pillow making me sick, symptoms progressed. Once we figured out it was the pillow, we tried washing it, but that didn't make things better. In fact, the next morning was the worse. My right ear, side of my face, and eye were swollen and blotchy.

The flu like feeling was awful!

The pillow had to go and slowly, each day, the swelling has gone down. There's something about his particular foam because I have a memory foam mattress and have had other foam pillows without this type of reaction.


I seem to have an allergy to this pillow. I tried it, and woke up with sinuses clogged. Took it away and resume use of my regular pillow, no issue.Ron S


Wow, I love how comfortable the pillows are but I also seem to be having an allergic reaction similar to what many people have complained about. I have slept on memory foam pillows for years and have never had an allergic reaction like this from anything before.

Along with hives at back of neck and scalp there is also crazy under the skin itching on my ears. I'm very bummed that such comfortable pillows are having this effect on me. I've tried the premium one directly from the company and standard one from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Both have caused problems. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

to Lly #1699966

I have the same problem for two weeks


I too am having bad allergic reaction to the MyPillow. I have hives on my neck, behind my ears, in my hair, and my forearms because I wrap my arms around pillow.

It took a week to figure out that it was from pillow. Very evil!My eyes are swollen too as I write this.

to Deanna #1684847

My eyes were swollen and had dry flacky skin above eyes! MYPillow is not for everyone


I bought MyPillows from QVC. I have chemical sensitivities.

I washed these pillows at least 6 times in hot water. During the night (when the pillow is warmed by body heat) the smell of chemicals would waft up into my nostrils. Too bad Mr.

Lindell doesn't source certified pure foam. I sent these pillows back for a refund.


Ive had issues also..no rash as of yet.but my scalp is itching like crazy..no bugs either btw lol. Didnt start till after i got the pillows..its all i can link it too thats changed in my daily life


I have 6. No probs.

Great pillows.

You must react badly to polyurethane foam. you broke out on your leg in pic.

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