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I don't write reviews but I needed to share my experience. My sister wanted a comfortable pillow before and at hospice.

I decided to purchsase a mypillow as well taking advantage of the 2for deal. I was so eager for my sisters comfort. My experience: After 3 days of sleepness nights I decided that the pillow was not right. i prayed that my sister was not experiencing the same sleepless nights.

To my dismay she was so uncomfortable and to make it worst she didn't tell me concerned that she would hurt my feelings. She hid it from me until a week later I found her pillow in the corner of the room and the old one on the bed. I was so sad. She was suffering so much and she needed comfort.

Sadly, she went into Hospice soon after this experience and passed. I am so sad that I failed her in this request

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Save your money. We looked at many pillows at JC Penneys.

One was a My Pillow. Comparing 3 or 4 different pillows we found the store brand to be a much better pillow. The My Pillow was not of high quality, would not keep it's shape and you had to keep fluffing it up. We purchased another brand at JC Penneys that we love.

At best My Pillow is a 8-10 dollar pillow. Very expensive pillow that i believe is Junk.