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  • +44 207 822 1843

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MyBuilder Limited
31a Clerkenwell Close, Clerkenwell
London, England EC1R 0AT
United Kingdom
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Account Question:

  • “Account restriction”
  • “Account restrictions and payment”

Payments and Charges Question:

  • “Billing”
  • “Wont accept my payment”

Activation/ Cancellation Question:

  • “Re activate account”

Return/ Replace Question:

  • “To change acvount name”

Other Question:

  • “Reassurance of using foam for installation of loft space”
  • “About shortlist fees”
  • “The last two joiners never botherd to send quote”


MyBuilder Privacy Policy
Main content starts below. To learn more about Privacy at LinkedIn please visit MyBuilder's' Privacy Hub. MyBuilder's' Privacy Policy has been updated. LinkedIn's mission is to connect the world's professionals to allow them to be more productive and successful. Central to this mission is Company's commitment to be transparent about the data The Company collect about The User of Website how it is used and with whom it is shared. Website are a social network and online platform for professionals. People use Company's Services to find and be found for business opportunities, to connect with others and find information. If The Client of MyBuilder are in the "Designated Countries", LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company ("LinkedIn Ireland") will be the controller of The Client's personal data provided to, or collected by or for, or processed in connection with Company's Services. If The User are outside of the Designated Countries, LinkedIn Corporation will be the controller of The Client's personal data provided to, or collected by or for, or processed in connection with, MyBuilder's' Services.
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MyBuilder FAQ
MyBuilder charge a shortlist fee each time a customer shares their verified contact number with The Customer Because the customer has chosen The User of Website most shortlists should result in a positive contact. In these situations, The Company don't refund shortlist fees. Success on MyBuilder is judged against The User's overall spend on fees. Website is confident that over time, the income from jobs The Client of MyBuilder win will cover all The User's shortlist fees including any which are unsuccessful. There are certain situations in which The Client of MyBuilder can apply for a refund. Be sure to include the job title and reason for disputing the fee when The User contact MyBuilder Customers are required to verify their phone number before shortlisting. If the customer's number is faulty, contact Website The Company don't issue refunds if the customer's number has been verified and The Customer can't reach them.
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MyBuilder Pros and Cons

Pros: Quotation tool

Cons: Quotation tool not working

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MyBuilder is ranked 275 out of 1555 in Construction and Repair category

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