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Please do not order vanities from www.mybathline.com . I ordered a simply 28" vanity and it arrived defective. The marble used for the countertop is / was patched horribly. There was a huge hole that they filled. The filler not only does not match in colour but is 6" long by 1.5" high along the sink bowl opening. If I could post a picture here I would.

The company not only does not agree the product is defective but claims this is standard procedure.

The terms to return is shipping back my customer's expense which is about 50% of the value of the good.

The response from the company also states "We can not guaranty that the next marble top would not carry the same characteristics."

So buyer beware. If you expect a vanity with a marble countertop that has not been chipped, damaged and filled as a repair, then you should shop elsewhere. Otherwise go ahead and order from them....

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Tommy G.
Great point Marcus 8)
I wish I was just faking this whole nightmare...but no. I can prove with my invoice, shipping bill etc etc this defective vanity was sold by mybathline.com. Anyone that wants more detail, my email is listed in the original post. Email me anytime. Perhaps the 2 defenders of mybathline.com would contact me or post their email address (if its allowed).

I was unaware that comments could not include links or pics. That's my mistake. At least I can admit it. Unlike mybathline.com that refuses to accept they are selling sub=par furniture. Thanks for the headsup Marcus. I appreciate it.

But I'll just repeat, the picture of the vanity posted here sold by mybathline.com is excessively filled making the countertop look horrible and mybathline.com clearly states any new vanity might or might not have filler.

I've been burned and I'm just trying to help the next buyer. Do not buy from them, go to a local or other seller first. Ask them if a 6" filler is industry standard. You will be told no.

My only goal is to help all new purchasers to avoid disappoint and wasted money. I have nothing further to gain on this. The only thing I would like is an apology from mybathline.com admitting the countertop is sub-par and offer a small credit to offset the cost of me replacing the top. But they refuse to respond to my email of the same.

Such a shame businesses think screwing customers will not negatively impact
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Ummm doesn't this guy know you can't post pics or links in the comments section... For all we know this could be a local competitor of Mybathline or whatev the *** its called lol :grin :eek
Response To Stacy
Stacy - please comment on the issue at hand. Have you received a vanity marble top with a +6 " filler on a front facing edge? If yes, kindly post a picture.

This is the point, I should not have gotten such a poor quality product and second, mybathline should be honourable enough to make this right at their expense.

Again, these 2 responses both Bill and Stacy have not addressed the issue at hand. Selling a marble top with a 6" filler is unacceptable. No person on this planet would accept such a finished product.

Mybathline should be ashamed to be representing the manufacturer that produced this.

For the next reviewer sent here by mybathline, please state you got a top such as mine (detail the dimensions and location of the filler) and explicitly state you are fine with such a finished product. A nice picture of it in your home would be nice too to prove you are just now someone sitting at a mybathline office desk.

I'm just happy now that two simply words in google "mybathline review" will get true customers a sample of what product might end up at your door from the delivery truck.

My picture speaks for itself.

By the way Stacy, my vanity is now up for sale, I will sell it to you 25% less than what I paid. Are you interested, would any of your clients "be happy" as it is certainly not of and I quote you "of good quality". If you are interested in purchasing,
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I am a designer in Southern Florida and have done many bathroom remodels with mybathline.com and have never had any issues. Everything has been great quality and everyone I have spoken to with the company has been very helpful and accomodating with my requests.
Stacy S.
I am a designer in Southern Florida and have done many bathroom remodels with mybathline.com and have never had any issues. Everything has been great quality and everyone I have spoken to with the company has been very helpful and accomodating with my requests.
Thanks for your comments, but I think my picture speaks for itself. The top has a 6" x 1.5" brown fill in the edging.
I have spoken to many bathroom retailers and shown the picture of the top. They ALL agree that the top is sub-par and not something they would sell.

I would ask any reasonable shopper if they opened the box and saw this compared to the showroom models would they not feel the top was defective.

I have visited 10 showrooms and NOT ONE vanity on display has filling.

As well, mybathline.com sent me a sample picture of the vanity I purchase from their showroom and the top is clear and free of any filling.

Any potential customer that might be looking to purchase from mybathline.com is warned. This is what your countertop might look like if purchased from them.

As well, returning the defective product is at the customer expense.

On top of that, I've asked for an moderate credit to compensate me for the defective top - mybathline.com has not returned my message.

So the bottom line is. 1) I have a vanity top that no retailer I've shown would sell, 2) mybathline.com will not provide a credit
3) Shipping it back will cost me $400 which I would pay but mybathline.com clearly states the replacement will/could look exactly the same. Not a $400 gamble I wish to take.
4) I also suggested I would pay to ship my counter top back to swap
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Hi Shsignup,
I stumbled across this review and I had to comment, being that I myself am a 2ND generation owner and slab fabricator at my shop. What you explained above on what www.Mybathline.com says is completely true and honest. Keep in mind marble, granite, onyx, travertine or any stone for the matter have holes, veins and pieces missing from the in the slab, which is filled by the factory. THIS IS A NATURAL PRODUCT! Which is removed from a side of a mountain and took millions of years to create, you cannot expect that there would be no holes to be filled in something like that and at the same time is what makes products like this beautiful to many.

Now to comment on the shipping back, to you this product is “defective” and to someone else it might not be (hence the saying “To each his own”) I’ve done a ton of work over the years and have seen one customer walk in and comment on a slab saying how ugly it is and the next week I’m using that same slab on a entire kitchen. What you find as “defective” another might find beauty in it. That being said, when you buy something is it not your place to return it?? (Whatever the case may be) that why it’s under “their terms” and up to you to decide whether to purchase it or not.

I would also like to comment when you say: “If you expect a vanity with a marble countertop that has not been chipped, damaged”, A chipped or damaged top is one thing and
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