MTI TELECOM IS a scam he is a fraudster and deserves to be locked behind bars whatever you do do not buy into his business. He does not give you the locations.

It is all made up. he promises locations but they never show up. He says that you need to put a deposit down. He avoids taxes and gets you to sign a *** contract thing.

Dont trust him or anyone that works for him. He always changes his address. It is all fake he promises everying but deliever's nothing.

I hope his business goes down the drain hole and that he goes bankrupt. Please listen to me or you will lose your shirt and your pants.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I also have history with this POS masquerading as a "businessman." If you're ever unlucky enough to meet him in person, I imagine you should count your fingers after shaking hands.


his name is Nicholas (Nick) Hinskens. He operates out of Victoria, BC. He is a professional con artist.


I was ripped of by this scammer too. He took my money and I got nothing in return I hope this testimony helps some unsuspecting son from becoming another victim.

there is a multitude of sites that ccome up when you search MTI Magnolia telecom. The reason is they hope you don't see the negative reports that follow the positive ones.

Page down a 2 or 3 pages and you will find out what his victims have to say about him. .