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Horrible. Dont stay here.

I have documented mold allergies I am being treated for. The room smells like mold. There are black spots on the mattress cover. There are black stains on the carpet.

I cant prove its mold but it is dank and musty in here.

Beds are hard as rocks and absolutely horrible to sleep on. Pillows are flat and uncomfortable. Blankets are thin and very very old. I got zero sleep.

I can sleep anywhereit is rare that something is that bad that I cant sleep. But this is BAD.

I told all of this to the manager, including my mold allergy and flatly and rather rudely refused any sort of refund. We have two more nights here and now will either go to Walmart to pay out of pocket for egg crate mattress and pillows or we may just eat the cost and find another hotel.

I dont understand the reviews that state other wise. They are either fabricated or there is one golden egg room that I unfortunately didnt get.

Dont expect anyone to be available in the office either.

You can here them In the room behind but will ignore you and leave you standing there for 15 minutes

The guard rail for the handicapped access is broken and the concrete falling down around it. I will definitely submit forms to BBB and other agencies involved with safety/cleanliness standards of hotels.

User's recommendation: Stay away from this motel.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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