I am very upset right now so if I mispell words my apologies.

I went to Dr. Lewis Morrison Dental in Clifton Park NY 12065. I at first was very impressed with his chair side manor and his patient treatment. I referred my boyfriend and co-workers.

My boyfriend had his teeth knocked out at work and I spoke to the Workers comp carrier Zurich and secured the claim number and that there was an open claim. I contacted Anne the billing Mgr at Morrison dental to explain and give her all the information she would need to verify that there was an open case. Robert Mcdonald the Claims Adjuster called her and advised her yes they would be paying for these services. When I spoke to her next time she said she need to hold a credit card number and or a check in case they did not get the full amount from Zurich. I then said I am some what upset here. Myself and my boyfriend are patients here, I sent you an $80 gift basket to thank you for taking such good care of us and you have the nerve to treat us like we are going to run out with out paying? I said I understand that every office has "a Pitbull" billing mgr so that they get paid. But honestly they were making me feel like the patient care was secondary to them getting their money. So I gave them my credit card info and I said I am going to mention this treatment to the dentist because it just was very unprofessional to treat patients who have been coming to your office and I referred 2 other co-workers to them as well.

Today I recd a letter in the mail from Dr. Lewis Morrison himself stating I am no longer welcome as a patient in their office. This all because I questioned their billing practice? because I stated I wasn't happy? the letter further went on to say I am wanting them to "Finance my boyfriends care" that was not the case. Zurich insurance called Anne personally and said they would be paying for these services. I was advised I can still accompany him to his appts but I am to be silent and be an observer. What kind of Dentist sends a letter to a patient like this? I am very upset and I do believe he owes me an apology.

Location: Albany, New York

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I agree that an apology is in order. It sounds like the only thing that matters is money and if everything you say is true, I would be finding another dentist who appreciates my business!


thank you was in process of making appointment changed my mind. Don't they realize money is not always easy to come by so its important for people to know what the true cost is.

thanks for the comments.

As for the biller even the positive for her come out negative. Saved me a trip well have to find someone else.


oh my gosh I was thinking of going there


They are money *** at Morrison Dental. I don't go there any longer, as they were constantly calling me with deals.

Telling me that if I got certain things done within an allotted time, they would give me a discount. When I refused, they would try to make me feel *** for not taking the deal.

Well, I didn't appreciate getting calls at night from a dentists office trying to convince me to get dental work that I wasn't even convinced that I needed.


I had the same issue. Don't question them or Anne or you get treated like ***.

Watch your statements, and question everything Anne says and says your ins . will cover..... After he has to pay for his mid-life crisis sports car somehow!

Steer clear of this place.


There is definitely something wrong with this practice. The staff turnover speaks for itself.

There sterilization area is a pig pen. Patients would be appalled with there lack of care and precautions for your safety.


I need a huge amount of cosmetic dental work done, and am researching places to go. I am so glad to have read through this, and will avoid this place.

Thank you for standing your ground about requiring respectful service and posting here. The dentist's response was not helpful.

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I've never experienced anything like this. If you need cosmetic work done, I would go there.

He is the best dentist in the region, I've never had a problem with bill pay or anything like that but I know how frustrated I am when I experience it elsewhere, but if you want the BEST work with the least amount of discomfort, go to him. I'm a huge dental-baby, I can't handle the poking and the prodding but because he's so innovative, having dental work done doesn't make me cringe.


i can't imagine who hasn't experienced some level of exasperation with Anne. She has always been very self righteous and DOES NOT like to be questioned.

It is beyond me why they keep her, she is not an asset to an otherwise truly friendly staff. Her calculations are often off and you have to be very careful when bringing it up or you do in fact get a major attitude.

I have been very happy with the dental care I have gotten from Dr. Lewis, but things would be much better if they kept Anne away from patients and double checked her math in private.

Bridgett Vmb
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I want to thank whomever wrote the Nice things about me and my office,but I have to tell you that Ann has worked for me for about 13 years and I find her invaluable as I do the rest of my wonderful staff. Her knowledge of dentistry is excellent and her ability to explain procedures and help my patients to receive the care they are looking for are outstanding.

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You hit the nail on the head right there!!


Of course they want to hold a credit card in case the insurance doesn't pay. They are a business, not your best friend.

I'm a business owner myself, and in the past I gave many customers the benefit of the doubt and then never got paid. Insurance companies are famous for holding up or denying payments.

It's a bit ridiculous for you to think that they should just take your word that they will get paid. If they did that for every patient they'd be out of business.

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To Long time patient no comp: your statement is nonsense. I have worked in the dental field for longer than I care to say and all costs are given up front and we (and the patient) know ahead of time what the insurance will and will not pay.

We have never asked a patient to provide a cc in case the insurance doesn't pay. If they know what they are doing, there would be no need for that UNLESS the insurance wasn't covering the whole procedure. In that case, you should have been informed. Customer service is just that.

Courtesy to the customer who is financially supporting your practice. With that said, our primary dentist wouldn't get rid of our horrid receptionist/greeter/appointment setter until his office was having financial problems due to word of mouth about her.

After she left, business picked right back up again. Some people just aren't customer service oriented and if she is an intelligent asset - then a reassign behind the scenes sounds like it is in order.

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The entire staff is on a profit sharing deal

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Well that's just lovely to know, bunch of losers!


I had a totally opposite experience at Morrison Dental Care. The entire staff, including Anne, treated me with the utmost professionalism and I will definitely refer friends & family to both Dr.

Lewis & Dr. David Morrison.


In my very honest opinion this comment is quite ridiculous. When I make an appointment for a massage/hair appointment they always require a credit card number!

As I'm sure you realized when you went to another dentist you regretted posting this lie because NO one can do cosmetic dentistry as good as Dr Morrison. He did my porcelain veneers and they are amazing, I get compliments all the time and refer everyone to him. In life you get what you pay for and no one owes you anything nor are you entitled to anything.

Anne is extremely nice and very helpful, to say otherwise obviously you wanted something for nothing and you learned that's not the way it works in the real world. I will continue to refer everyone to this dentist office because they not only do amazing work but truly stand by there work.


I totally understand your complaint! When I asked Anne specifically about billing, because the quoted code numbers and what was actually submitted to my insurance were always different and I was always having to pay more, she raised her voice to say "let me deal with the insurance" after I mentioned I was going to call the insurance company.

Then all of a sudden they didn't accept our insurance...go figure!

They don't do the best work for your buck anyway! Bye-bye...very happy with new dentist.

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