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Moore National Facility Service is, at best, a questionable operation... run out of a PO box in Hewlett, NY.

They claim to provide full service commercial building cleaning and maintenance services, who then hire third party contractors to actually perform the work.

At which point, they bill their customer and collect the money for the services rendered... but then hold back the money owed to the contractor who actually execute the work!

And by hold back, what I mean is... they don't pay you!

Net 45 will come and go. You'll hear all the excuses.

"Missing paperwork, accounting was out on vacation, already sent payment"... it's all BS. You'll end up having to hound them for MONTHS before you ever see a dime.

They're good at this con game too. After all, this is a full time business for them.

It's what they do. Scamming the folks that actually make it possible for them to have a job.

What a sorry existence.

If you're a contractor thinking about "joining their team"... you'd be best to run, not walk away from these thieves.

User's recommendation: Contractors: STAY AWAY from Moore National Facility Service.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Seekonk, Massachusetts

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Thank you for posting! Almost got suckered in by them. You just saved me a headache!


Yes, thanks to both of you guys I think I may have avoided more headaches as well. They sent me on a couple wild goose chases and it was a very strange situation. I'm glad I saw your post!

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