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The deal was to pay $4000 to hunt a big mature bison and a young bison. The head from the mature bull and the meat from the young one.

There was not young bison. And I never did see any meat. Once I left the Montana ranch house, just reaching them seemed to be nearly impossible. Finally getting ahold of them, they agreed to send me 150 lbs of ground bison.

150 lbs from a 2000 lb animal - really! Mr. Steve Killorn said the shoulder was shot up. Ok, reduce it by 100 lbs (way over kill) and you still end up with 400 lbs.

Ok, they agreed to send 200 lbs but than gave me the total run around on mailing it. They were shipping it on a Grey Hound buss. This guy came off as a used car salesman. The total bait and switch every minute.

I just had a bad vibe which turned out to be right on the money. Unforntunately. I was scammed. I was screwed.

They probably used that old bull for their Montrail Bison Jerky which tastes more like leather shoe sole than meat. Dont be scammed!!!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Location: Long Beach, California

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Killorn is a convicted felon conman who needs to be exposed!


Here's Killorn's latest business failure and possibly soon to be prosecution.http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2018/06/almost-7-tons-of-jerky-meat-sticks-recalled-for-inspection-issue/#.WzMYOC_MxE4


What a joke. You are quite a sportsman--"hunting" semi-domesticated, corralled bison.

Basically, you paid $4000 to shoot cattle. That, to me, seems pretty ridiculous. For a quarter of that you could actually hunt some proper game like elk or deer.

Heaven forbid you should actually have to do a little work for your kill. Show a little respect to the sport AND to the animal.


Steve Killorn is a FRAUD! He is a conman who has burned NUMEROUS people and businesses out of millions of dollars!

He is currently being investigated by Federal law enforcement for fraud, tax evasion, bankruptcy fraud, interstate wire fraud, check fraud, theft and other numerous criminal actions.

Contact me and I will steer you to the Feds who are after him.They want everyone burned by Killorn to contact them. tunakiller65@***.com

@Bob H Dpd

I would like the information on the Feds who are investigating him and his companies. I also sent you an email for this information

@Bob H Dpd

Killorn is a convicted felon conman and poacher who needs to be exposed!


Contact Me at: rpond12@***.com

I would like to discuss the Bison mess with you personally.

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