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Hi on 18/07/2021 i have received my universal credit the amount was 635£ and after a couple of days on 23/07/2021 my uncle ask me for 500£ for his rent and promise me that he pay me the next day when the next day come on 24/07/2021 my uncle paid me back my 500£ from his daughter account she paid me on his behalf and after 2 3 seconds when i receive the payment monese decide to block my account and ask me for information i have give them all the proof name of my uncle name of my cousin and even a photo of my universal credit statement that shows the exactly amount of 635£ now its has past 2 3 months and no one answered to my phone calls no one give me a answer and I dont know. When are they gonna give me my money back please any one help me

User's recommendation: Don’t Choose monese its the worst card ever.

Monetary Loss: $540.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Monese Cons: No customer service.

Location: 50 Finsbury Square, Moorgate, London, EC2A 1HD

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