molliemorningstar.com is a SCAM and FRAUD psychic medium.

molliemorningstar.com SCAMMED me out of $425.

Mollie is a dishonest scammer and she is NOT a real psychic medium.

Mollie Star, scams people out of their money and tricks them.

I did a video session with Mollie (for $425) in hopes of communicating with my deceased husband.

Molly never mentioned my husband. Instead she mentioned a deceased grandmother.

Both of my grandmothers are still alive.

Mollie spoke about generic information and fluff talk during the video session. She didn't bring through any deceased relatives at all.

Mollie is a ruthless psychic scammer from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

If you don't believe me and want to waste your money on a session with Mollie, don't say a word during the session. Tell mollie that you want to stay silent during the entire session.

Mollie will be tongue tied because she normally asks you questions to try to cold read you. If you stay silent, she can't attempt to "cold read" you.

Mollie makes a living by scamming people and telling them generic info that could apply to anyone.

Don't be fooled by her!

Mollie charges $425, $600 and $800.

You WILL get scammed by her if you book a medium session with her.

She is a FRAUD.

molliemorningstar.com is a scam 100%.

All she does is fluff talk the entire session. Don't be fooled by this scammer!

She is not a legit medium.

Please don't get scammed like I did.

User's recommendation: Beware of molliemorningstar.com FRAUD.

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Well now you know that there is no such thing as a real psychic. They're nothing more than monetary grief vampires preying on vulnerable people during their darkest hours.

If these so called mediums truly had a psychic gift they wouldn't be charging immoral amounts of money to help ease the pain of the bereaved. They would charge nothing at all. It would be a great honor to them to offer their help free of charge to help those who are suffering the loss of a loved one. But the psychic scammers you see embraced by the media are just out there to fool their followers and rake in millions of dollars at that.

They are truly evil, despicable, rotten to the core people who will willfully take hundreds if not thousands of dollars from a bereaved client just to make up stories about the deceased loved one. Stay far, far, away from those onerous monetary villians.

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