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If anyone has had problems with Mold Treatment Centers of America in Alpharetta, GA where you were to be diagnosed and treated for mold illnesses due to exposure to hazardous toxic mold environments, please email me at: was first (and only) seen by this treatment facility on 12/28/12 for severe mold illnesses from my exposure to hazardous toxic molds at a hotel in Horseshoe Bend, AR (Cedar Glade Resort).

After paying $3200 on 12/28/12, and being treated by ????, I was thrown off their radar screen. Michael Pugliese changed by protocol twice after the 1st month as I was not improving. For 10 days in March, I could not access the established patient line, nor could I access the journaling site that comes up immediately with your password, etc. When I complained, I was called by Lisa and was told that they had moved furniture around 10 days ago and the telephone line got disconnected (???).

When I told her that it wasn't just the phone, it was the journaling site as well, she said she would have to check with their website person. It was after March 19 that I was no longer heard from anyone, and my illness was getting worse. I made a surprise visit to them on April 12, '13 (had a witness with me), and Michael Pugliese was less than happy to see me in the facility (I live in GA, not out of state as many who come into this facility fly in from out-of-state). He was so angry that we could not even look at me.

When I started to question him, he said to me "your files are not on the premises." When I told this to my Pulmonary Doctor (a real doctor), Dr. Waldman said to me, "Where would your files be, somewhere in Canada?" I then asked for copies of all my records, and what I got were handwritten office notes, nothing on letterhead, no diagnosis (these were all records dated 12/28/12). The MD, Dr. O, sent me out of that office with stroke high BP levels (he took it 3 times).

There were no records forwarded with any changes that were made in my protocol by Michael Pugliese (2 changes made). First told to go off of the herbs given to me by Dr. Kang (the acupuncturist on 12/28/12, who, by the way is no longer be used as part the MoldTC treatment a/o March -- they threw her off their radar screen). I started to see Dr.

Kang on my own in March & April (12th) due to my severe irritability caused by the very high levels of mycotoxins found in my body. She also related information to me about MoldTC and how other patients have had to call her because they could not get through or get responses from MoldTC after becoming one of their patients. She would have to go next door to their office to find out what was going on. I have had to move to Tucson, AZ to come under a "real" mold specialist physician, Dr.

Gray in Benson, AZ. This MoldTC has been termed by the Director of the Special Investigations Unit of the GA Dept. of Health as a "criminal fraud scheme." And was told by a retired mold specialist physician who lives in Tampa, "worst place you could have gone; money making machine." The GA Dept. of Health, Julia Campbell, has had many complaints over the past year with people from out of state with questions and concerns about this facility.

Another person facebooked me and called this a "fake" place and thought it had been closed down. There are no certificates for any of these doctors on the walls; no licensing; and the only thing they could find out for Michael Pugliese were the scams he ran with his private company, Probe Environmental on Rip-Off.

Again, please email at above email address if anyone else has had problems with this facility.Thank you, Barbara Fritts

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5 of 5 Mold Treatment Centers of America reviews

May 06, 2016 #1154930

I have e-mailed you.

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Apr 27, 2016 #1150947 Brandon, Mississippi, United States

I have been tested for mycotoxin poisoning through Bio Trek laboratories. They have been really helpful in helping me to get diagnosed. My problem is thati don't know what kind of doctor to see to treat this. I have been seen my an infectious disease doctor, doctor of allergy and immunology and dermatology. They just treat the symptoms but have no knowledge as to why. (No experience in mold) Can anyone out there please tell me what kind of doctor I need to see to start treatment for this.

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May 04, 2016 #1154078

Linda, you need a Functional Medical doctor, also known as an Integrative Medical doctor, or Integrative Medicine. They treat the whole body and look for the cause rather than treating the symptoms. Good luck!

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May 06, 2016 #1154934

I also tested with Bio Trek and came out positive for mycotoxin. I would like to speak with you as I have the identical issues you are having with trying to find medical care and answers. Please feel free to call me at (786) 556-1234. Thank you. Katia

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Feb 24, 2016 #1117313

I talk my 16 year old daughter there a year ago. She has not gotten any better. We are thinking of taking her back again soon. Now I am worried. We cannot find a dr that will or knows how to treat her. She is getting worse. Someone ease help us find a dr

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Feb 16, 2016 #1112791

i was tested by a company called BioTrekLabs, their test was awesome!!!

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Feb 09, 2016 #1109043 Fayetteville, Tennessee, United States

I am looking into going to In Atlanta GA, I am really nervous and do not want to waste time and funds, can anyone tell me if there has been bad experiances or did not get releif of symptoms?
Thank you,

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Jan 26, 2016 #1101290 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

I'm sorry I'm back again, but need to post a warning. Dr. Silver is listed on multiple sites as being a mold specialist, and he may actually treat people with fungal infections, but he will only speak to you after signing about 50 pages of documents. This may not be too bad, except buried within are papers stating that you agree to become a member of his religious establishment, and as such, you give up all your patient rights (including everything listed in the HIPPA regulations). There is also a statement which says that no doctor-patient relationship exists; he is the minister and you are a member agreeing to receive medical treatment. You can never file any type of complaint against him for any reason... I had high hopes after reading his website, but what I encountered when he walked into the room is really indescribable. Also, Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN may be worth a try. They have tons of free video lectures online; you can learn all there is to know about fungi. Mayo Clinic in AZ is absolutely horrible and seems even worse, because they have such a great reputation. I cannot begin to fathom how that came to be. I will look into gathering any info I can from others who experienced trauma similar to yours at the Mold Treatment Centers of America. Is it still operating under a different guise? I believe I almost went there, but the name is similar to another place which I also can't figure out if it's legit (which means it's probably not). Now I've actually managed to... Show more

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Mar 10, 2016 #1125192

Dr Silver is in no way
affiliated with this company

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Nov 25, 2015 #1069374

Traceyecho, I hope you found someone real and good to treat your daughter. There is a real disconnect between the known facts of mold illness (see the CDC website), and the reaction (more like ridicule, or at best, skepticism) from the medical community if you even suggest that you think you might have a mold-related illness. We have fairly decent slides and pics of the fungus infecting my daughter. She got it when living in a wet coastal environment, in a house with moldy ducts. I am a scientist and know how to make good slides. Despite that, only one very fine country doc back home in OK even looked at them. He did his best, but felt it was too complicated, and referred her to Mayo. We are using all of our resources, with little progress. Let us know how things turned out for you.

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Jan 26, 2016 #1101269 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Haha, I am exhausted but must post a brief reply. It is sad how little info is available for those of us suffering from mold related illnesses. After battling an extremely rare cancer, getting knocked down for nearly one year by late stage Lyme disease, I thought I was prepared to face any future illness. WOW, I was gravely mistaken; this fungal infection has plagued me for over three years now. I only leave "home" to go to see doctors. I barely manage to move through the house, and when I do, I use a wheelchair unless I'm having a good day and only require a walker. I became ill in NC, went to TX for treatment after getting nowhere with my local docs. Set off on two week trip to see some specialists in OK, but got so ill I never made it back to TX. After hospital bouncing from rural OK to OKC to Tulsa... I set off to see the best of the best. Doctors who would surely get my illness diagnosed asap and start treatment which would send me flying down the miraculous path to wellness at lightning fast speeds... Well, I get to read all kinds of things on the patient portal. In August 2015 I had one fractured rib, as of Dec 2015 I had three, along with a partially collapsed lung, slightly enlarged heart, 1cm patch of something on my brain, at least 20 possible diagnoses listed, and absolutely ZERO information, feedback, any interaction whatsoever from the doctors at Mayo Clinic. It is truly sickening both literally and figuratively!!! I cannot believe it. Please, be warned, NEVER... Show more

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Jan 26, 2016 #1101272 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Update, I did get the scrambled letters wrong on the first try, but it didn't erase the reply. Yay!!! Also, I'm crazy about editing and quite sure my mad dash writing above may be a bit off... It's amazing how exciting it is to be able to move my fingers, type, remember what I'm doing, spell, have contact with the outside world... all at the same time! Happy thoughts again & again to you all/trying to not let anger of illness take over; I can't stand that so many have to suffer this ridiculousness!!! Happy, peaceful thoughts of healing energy from me to you ;)

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Nov 25, 2015 #1069370 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

My daughter has been suffering from worsening fungal illness over the past 2 years. It began as a sinus and gum infection in Dec., 2013, following almost 9 months living in East Coast house with ductwork full of mold. She has immune compromise from previous illness. We have been tempted, and narrowly missed, going to MTC at least twice. Like others before her, she has met with great difficulty trying to get diagnosed and treated. It is HORRIBLE out there!! She got sent to Mayo in AZ about 5 mo ago, and ZERO progress has been made in diagnosis or treatment of the CLEARLY VISIBLE fungus!! A few docs have listened, but not the "decision-makers". Are you well yet, Barbara? Have you found help and respect or compassion?? We are getting desperate, and were just reconsidering about MTC/NTCED. Your words fill me with dread. We need REAL medical care!! I hope you and others here have found healing. God Bless.

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Nov 08, 2015 #1060498

the NTCED is owned and operated by John D mechwart and brother to Michelle Mechwart who is married to Michael Pugliese
the same scam as Biotrek who do not have a CDC Clia number
The stole 1200 from me for *** piece of paper then ivere called back on speculation that i would go after them
they are right

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Sep 11, 2015 #1032490

This happened to me in Charleston SC at COEM, a number of people contacted me that were treated the same way... How did you start this page... ? I would like to be able to find the "many" that suffered the same fate as I did... This shouldn't be allowed

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May 04, 2016 #1154082

Melinda, to start a complaint of your own you can go to the Pissed Consumer main page
If you would like to stop mistreatment of patients, you can start by reporting any inappropriate health care experiences to the state medical board in the state where you received services.

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Jun 25, 2015 #999586

I have gone to this Clinic and there is definitely a licensed medical doctor there who was quite knowledgeable. I als saw Michael Pugliese who is a naturopathic doctor. My protocol was stringent but I followed it very closely and I DID get better. I am very greatful for their knowledge and expertise. I would recommend them to anyone. The whiny people on the site evidently have never been there or are erroneously posting here to benefit another facility. Or they took a detour from their protocol.

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Jan 06, 2016 #1090111

Very similar experience except that when I've called in at weeks 3, 6, and 7, I had a real problem getting anyone to answer questions. They seemed unknowlegable about the protocol, unlike the one guy who had been answering them. I've had quite a time getting info. Blue Cross Blue a shield apparently thinks they are legit. I also visited with done patients who were employees of the federal government who had been sent there as their BCBS federal plan's preferred provider. So...we shall see!! It did seem VERY unprofessional when I was there, but I do see many parallels to this and other treatment plans and got legit prescriptions there.

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Mar 09, 2015 #955769 Ellijay, Georgia, United States

Chronic Hives, Mold Treatment Center is no longer in business. It is now National Treatment Center for Environmental Disease. Your test were probably sent to real time lab which is legit. They just got the test back and copied it onto their letterhead.

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Jan 15, 2015 #931786 Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

UPDATE: 01-15-2015 . As per inquiries about Mold Treatment Centers of America. . . : The Mold Treatment Centers of America were a scam and are definitely gone. Their phone number shown in the video on their website, "678-943-2111" is out of business. That is now a Metro PCS of Atlanta number. The number currently listed on their web page under the Contact tab: 303-500-5032 is a Hudson, Colorado number, just outside of Denver. There is nothing but an answering machine. These people very clearly ran a third world scam and need to be hunted down. If I sound a bit angry it's because I am a survivor of severe toxic black mold poisoning. While other people around me died, I survived. I am greatly blessed to be alive. I am currently running a fund raising campaign to try and start a nonprofit to help people who have suffered the same fate as myself. Mold Treatment Centers of America has given my efforts a bad name. The URL to my campaign is In case they do not show that it's QWLLC dot com. I take this very seriously and I am in the process of rebuilding my life. I am so grateful to be alive I want to help others. Thank you.

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