Modlily - How do I return a recent purchase?

I received a delivery from Modilly & want to return same but I am finding it very difficult to do so.

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2 answers
I purchased two dresses from Modilly. One is the wrong color & the other on the other one one of the sleeves does not fit but the other one does. I do not like the quality & wish to return them. I have made several attempts to contact Modilly but have gotten no response. As a senior citizen I don't have money to waste so am very frustrated by the lack of cs from this company. I do not know how to solve my dilemma of getting my money back. Will you please help me! Submitting a ticket does not work!!!!!
@Patricia Howard Hey Patricia - sorry you had problems with your order. I saw one of their blouses online (random ad) but after looking at reviews like yours - you just saved me time, trouble and MONEY! Won't be buying. Thank you.

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