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Modlily is the absolute worst company that I have ever purchased from!!! I beg of you to not purchase from this company!

Do not spend your hard earned money on any of these *** products!!! Modlily has the absolute worst customer service! I had to submit a ticket and that ticket has been going on for literally FOUR months! I ordered two different bathing suits among other items and it took almost 3 months to recieve my swimwear after paying for expedited shipping and when they finally arrived they sent me the completely wrong items!

They argued with me for almost 3 months with not wanting me to return the items and only offering me 15% on my next purchase with them...mind you, I couldn't even use the wrong items that they sent me because they were wrong we continued to argue through this ticket they still persisted that I keep the wrong items and then I get 20% off next purchase. I said "NO" and then they told me how it would be a big mistake to send items back because it will cost me so much to ship to china...well finally they gave me the address to send the wrong items back, which I did EVERYTHING that they asked me and yes I spent a lot on Shipping the items back. Now that I sent the items back they are trying to proclaim that they didn't recieve the items back (which I know for a fact that they did because I have all tracking info, etc), which I sent them all of the tracking info as well. Now that I have done absolutely everything that they have asked me to do now they are trying to proclaim that my items were never paid for!

My bank, my lawyer, and myself have been trying to reach them vigorously through this horrific ordeal. They have stolen my money, committed fraud, cause sooo much stress and anxiety, cost me soooo much more money because I was supposed to have my items prior to my spring break vacation and wound up having to go and purchase other items at the last minute, among soooo much more! I also filed a police report because I was able to show them both the very long ticket, my bank statement, and the emails to between Modlily and myself. It is now May 27th 2016 and I still haven't gotten anywhere with them.

Unfortunately for them I guess they will prefer to pay a whole lot more because at this point it's time to move forward with a lawsuit and they will be paying lawyer fees, all expenses for what I paid to return the wrong items, they will pay for the stress and anxiety that they caused, along with the reciepts that I have that it cost me for other items in replace of the items that I was supposed to receive from them, and I have all of my phone records to prove how many times that I tried to reach them and left multiple messages, I have a very long ticket with them, among emails, and I will also have them pay for what it cost me in mega bytes to repeatedly send all of the pictures of the wrong items, among pictures of the box for return, among so much more!!! The post office also gave me a notarized letter in verification that they definitely recieved the items that I sent back, and my bank obviously has the proof that they did infact get they stole my money and refuse to send me my proper items! I will be the customer that does whatever it takes legally to handle this company so that nobody else has to go through this horrific ordeal with their hard earned money! AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE OTHER REVIEWS, I AM NOT THE ONLY CUSTOMER THAT HAS BEEN THOUGHT THIS...I URGE YOU TO STEEL CLEARLY OF THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!

Save your money!!! Don't put yourself through this!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Swimsuit.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Modlily Cons: Constant submitting of tickets with no solution in sight.

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So you could return anything you want, under the condition it's in original condition. Postal service is a good way to return, and I suppose it’s not much expensive.

After we get the return package, 100% refund will be issued.

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