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My bad for not doing any due diligence prior to placing an order with Once the order was placed, I was really kicking myself after I read many, many negative reviews.

I was sure I either wouldn't receive my order ever, or, if I did, it would take a very long time. Even then, if I did receive it, I was ready for a disappointing "opening the package" experience. I placed my order on April 9, 2016. I did not receive the shipment notification that was promised, with my tracking number on it.

I let some time pass, fully prepared I may never receive it. On April 20, 2016, I received my package. The two items I ordered were contained therein. The dress I ordered (in a size XXL) was a Canadian size 14 I would say.

The bathing suit I ordered in a size 3XL, was a Canadian size 10 larger. Ironically, the bottoms of the bathing suit were twice the size of the top part, so I may get away with the bottoms. The top part looks as though it was made for a doll. I kid you not.

In fact, I gave the top part to my daughter for her American Girl! ha! The stitching on both garments were loose and poorly constructed. I found it very odd that there are no tags anywhere, on either garment.

So, when given lemons, I decided to make lemonade. The dress fabric is quite nice, so guess what I did?? I ordered another dress - same one! It arrived last week (pretty quick shipping, to my surprise).

I had my seamstress take out the sides of the one dress, and piece together fabric from the second dress I ordered, and fits and you would never know. I had her tighten up the stitching on the loose areas, and it's very nice. The dress is very short (for a dress), and given I am over 6 feet tall, it is a really nice, off the shoulder, "top" that I wear with black leggings. I have had so many compliments on it, it's not funny!

So, while my "good deal" of $20.00 US for the dress, turned into $45.00 CDN, I do have a nice "top", and am, generally, happy with how it turned out. I swallowed hard even contemplating ordering the second dress (to piece to the first dress to make one that fits), but in the end, I'm glad I did. I don't think I would ever order from this company again, and I find it very unsettling to read the reviews from the others on here, voicing the issues they have had. Oh, and I should also add, that I did send them an e-mail about two weeks after I ordered my first order to inquire on the status of my order (as they promise that it be shipped within 24 hours), and I did get a response back pretty much immediately, which I was happy about.

I went into it with no great expectations, so I guess that helped with the over all experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Swimsuit.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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